5 Types of Coffee to Try at Least Once

Here are 5 Types of Coffee From Around the World You Won't Want to Miss Out On! 

The world is filled with coffee for every palate. From rich, bright, light roasts to smooth, sultry, dark roasts, coffee comes in all formats. However, some coffees truly stand out among the pack. Luckily, we sell them all! Below, we will talk about some of the most impressive types of coffee that you will not want to miss out on from all over the world. Read on to learn about some global types of coffees you might want to try!


1. Genuine Kona Coffee 

Hawaii's pure Kona coffee has an unforgettable flavor and an aroma that will fill your home with essences of pure island joy. This brilliant coffee is one of the most coveted variants in the world. With delicately sweet notes and a smooth, velvety mouthfeel, our Kona coffee comes straight from “the big island” of Hawaii. Grown in a lush and fertile climate with rich, volcanic soil nourishing each coffee cherry to perfection, this is some of the highest-grade Kona coffee around! Click here to try it. 

2. Java Dutch Estate Coffee

They call coffee “Java” for a reason! Some of the finest coffee beans on Earth come straight from the Java region of Indonesia. Centuries ago, Dutch colonists cultivated coffee plantations in this region. Dotted with ancient volcanoes and protected by a dense cloud covering, this is the perfect growing region for authentic Dutch Estate Coffee beans. Our single-origin Java Dutch Estate Coffee is freshly roasted on the day you place your order. Select from all of your favorite custom grind or whole bean styles! To sample it yourself, simply click here!

3. Brazil Santos Coffee

The hot, humid climate of South Minas Gerais Brazil produces some of the most delicious, flavorful coffee in the world. More than 70% of the coffee farms here are very small, tended with loving care by local farmers. These smaller South Minas Gerais farms work with OneGreatCoffee through Fair Trade organizations so that you can sample the fruits of Brazilian soil from home! This Brazil estate coffee is smooth, rich, and full-bodied with a decadent flavor. Click here to learn more or try it!  

4. Guatemala Antigua Coffee

Deep in the heart of the finest coffee production regions of Antigua, this is some of the best Guatemalan Single Origin coffee around. It showcases uniquely smokey and chocolatey undertones. Richly complex with a well-balanced profile, this gourmet coffee from Guatemala has a smooth finish that will please the senses. Check it out by clicking here!

5. Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate Coffee

Our 100% pure certified Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate Coffee, falls into the Grade 1 Specialty category. This brew is known throughout the world for its delicately sweet undertones and the vibrant nature of its top notes. Freshly roasted on the day we ship your order, it is incomparable to other coffee. This particular gourmet coffee is considered one of the most exceptional variants in the world! Learn more here

Types of Coffee: FAQs

When it comes to types of coffee, understanding the different variants can get a tad complicated. Types of coffee can be organized by coffee bush or tree species or by growing region. For coffee lovers, it will all come down to flavor. 

What are the Different Types of Coffee by Species?

The two main types of coffee (by species) are Robusta and Arabica. From there, a range of sub-categories arise. Robusta coffee beans were developed to grow in harsh regions. Robusta coffee is resistant to most types of coffee rust, a reddish fungus that can destroy coffee crops. Robusta coffee is bitter and bold with astringent acidity. 

Arabica coffee is preferred to Robusta by almost all coffee drinkers. This is because Arabica coffee is smoother, richer, and more flavorful. It has rich oils and makes a delicious brew. Premium coffee is essentially always of the Arabica variant. 

Are the Types of Coffee Based on Growing Region?

Yes, growing regions can be used to differentiate coffee variants as well. Coffee is grown all over the world. Almost all coffee comes from an area along the Equator known as the Coffee Belt. The Coffee Belt spans the globe and encompasses Africa, South America, and more. Coffee grown in different regions will have different flavors because of the growth and soil conditions. For instance, coffee grown in rich, volcanic soil tends to have bold, smooth flavor notes. Coffee grown in dry, arid regions is likely to have lower acidity. African coffee from Ethiopia is particularly smooth, with very low acidity.  

What are the types of coffee roasts and how do they differ?

There are three main types of coffee roasts. These are light roast, medium roast, and dark roast. Although many people think that dark roast coffee is more bitter, it is often smoother and gentler, with less acidity and caffeine. Light roast coffee is bright in flavor with a higher caffeine concentration and more acidity. Medium roast coffee falls somewhere in the middle. 

Why is Starbucks coffee bitter no matter what roast you pick? 

Ever wondered why so many coffee drinkers are confused by light roast and dark roast flavor profiles? The answer may be that some popular corporate coffee chains like Starbucks use very bitter coffees with extremely high caffeine concentrations. However, high-quality coffee will be smooth, non-astringent, and flavorful. With genuine gourmet coffee, you can actually taste the difference. You can detect subtle flavors based on the growing region, profile, and roast level. 

Does the caffeine content vary in different types of coffee?

Yes, different types of coffee can contain different amounts of caffeine. For instance, Arabica coffee beans contain 34 - 38 mg. of caffeine per kg. Additionally, dark roast coffee beans tend to have less caffeine than light roast coffee beans. This is because dark roasts are exposed to heat for longer, resulting in a breakdown of acids, oils, and caffeine compounds.  

What coffee contains the most caffeine? 

A light roast Robusta coffee will have the most caffeine. The least caffeine will be in a dark roast Arabica coffee. However, if you brew your Arabica coffee strong (like in espresso) it will have as much caffeine as a bitter Robusta brew but with a better taste. Honestly, if you want more caffeine, we would always recommend brewing an extra-strong batch of Arabica espresso over any format of Robusta. Most will agree, the flavor of Arabica coffee is superior.

Best Types of Coffee to Try - Conclusion 

The above coffees are all pretty awesome! However, whether they are right for your tastes will depend on what you like. We also have a range of amazing flavored coffees if you want something you've never had before. Hopefully, you will find your next favorite new and exciting brew from OneGreatCoffee today!

What unique brews are your favorites? Comment below and tell us about them!  

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