Make Your Day Special With Almond Flavored Coffee

If you've often wondered what's brewing in coffee shops and the reasons why people flock to these places ... well, there's more here than you can imagine! The tantalizing aroma of coffee can appeal to even those who aren't really addicted. This simple drink has now become a lifestyle for many! The love of young people in coffee shops and young professionals are known to have important business meetings in elegant cafes!

So what Exactly is Almond Flavored Coffee?

There are certain ways to create almonds, or indeed, any flavored coffee. In many cases, the flavor is added immediately after roasting the coffee beans. The method used is as such: freshly roasted beans are brought into close contact with flavorings over a period of time. This duration should be long enough for the beans to absorb the flavor. 

Beans are exposed to certain natural flavors so they can get the type of flavor required. Other methods used would be to mix a certain amount of almond syrup with the roasted beans, which should give the flavor to almonds. Sometimes you can even add freshly ground almonds before brewing. This method may not always obtain the desired intensity of flavor, as it may not absorb well into ground coffee.

The Almond Flavor Coffee can be combined with other ingredients for a completely divine experience! Chocolate is one of those tempting ingredients that is added to this coffee for a rich flavor.

How to make Almond Flavored Coffee

Summer is just around the corner and as the days heat up our coffee cools down. Whether you're at home, at work, or running errands around town, there's nothing like an iced coffee topped with fresh almond milk to keep you cool and energized.

If you're vegan, dairy-free, or just love the taste of almonds, try these 3 easy almond milk coffee recipes and turn your cup of java into the perfect soda.

Prepare your ice cubes and get ready!

There's nothing more satisfying than an ice cold mug of cold beer waiting for you in the fridge! Top with almond milk, sweeten and start your day off right!

For this recipe, we use Sträva Single Origin jasmine, rose, and pink lemonade.

Servings: 2


½ cup coarse ground Sträva Single Origin (1 cup whole beans)

1 cup almond milk (you can use homemade or store-bought)

2 cups filtered water at room temperature

Sweetener of choice

Ice cubes


Mix the ground coffee and filtered water in an airtight container and leave it in the refrigerator overnight. Ideally, coffee needs at least 12-16 hours to extract the best flavor and notes. Strain the coffee through a mesh bag into glasses filled with ice.

Add the almond milk and optional sweetener and stir to combine.

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