Is iced coffee better? Hot VS Cold Coffee + Cold Brew FAQs

Is hot coffee or cold coffee better for you? In this helpful guide, we will explore this question and more so that you will know exactly which brews are best for your unique specifications! 

Hot or cold. Ice or fire. Menthol or cinnamon. Folks have been debating the benefits of hot versus cold for a long time! Robert Frost even wrote a poem regarding the contrast between these temperatures. Not to mention, people are always saying to use heat for one thing and ice for another. 

For instance, if you have swelling or inflammation, an ice pack can help relieve your discomfort. Alternatively, if you have nerve pain, a hot water bottle or warm bath can be wonderfully soothing. Sometimes, a combination of hot and cold is needed to get us feeling our best. So, is hot coffee, or cold coffee better?

The truth is, coffee can be delicious served hot or cold! Both hot and iced coffee beverages offer an array of benefits and have distinctly unique flavor nuances. So, it all comes down to what you personally like. If you get heartburn or are sensitive to the acidity of coffee, try iced coffee or cold brew! 

Below, we will walk you through what to know about hot versus cold coffee and discuss some of the benefits of iced coffee. 

Fire and Ice

Some say the world will end in fire,

Some say in ice.

From what I’ve tasted of desire

I hold with those who favor fire.

But if it had to perish twice,

I think I know enough of hate

To say that for destruction ice

Is also great

And would suffice. 

- Robert Frost 



So is iced coffee better to drink or is hot coffee the best option? 

Schools of thought on hot vs cold coffee are pretty much equally divided. there is one thing that we can all agree on, however. Room temperature and lukewarm coffee both taste terrible! 

It all comes down to your preferences and physical needs. Hot coffee and cold coffee both offer similar benefits. They both can also taste delicious when brewed properly. Hot coffee is great for stimulating your circulation, aiding digestion, giving you a thermogenic caffeine boost, and filling your body with healthy antioxidants and minerals. Cold coffee also has antioxidants and minerals but with a smoother flavor, added anti-inflammatory effects, and often, a touch more caffeine. 

Benefits of hot coffee: 

Hot coffee can help your digestive system, promote feelings of fullness, improve circulation, and might even promote thermogenesis. Hot coffee can also warm you up from the inside out! When served hot, the natural oils of coffee beans are better integrated into the liquid for a velvety and rich mouthfeel. Hot coffee is also very fragrant, tempting your palette and captivating your senses. 

Benefits of cold brew coffee: 

Cold coffee has equally fascinating benefits. Cold coffee offers a potent boost of antioxidants, may induce anti-inflammatory effects, and often contains more caffeine. Plus, it goes down smoothly and leaves you feeling refreshed. Cold coffee is also less dehydrating, despite the fact that caffeine is a diuretic. Cold liquids can also help to reduce nausea and inflammation. 

Why is iced coffee good?

Iced coffees are popular for many reasons! Some people enjoy the creamy, rich, bright flavors of iced coffee beverages. Iced coffees can be enhanced with an array of i ingredients as well. Popular options are vanilla flavoring, whipped cream, caramel syrup, chocolate sauce, and cocoa powders. Indeed, iced coffee drinks make a wonderful treat that can lift up your afternoon! 

Does iced coffee taste different than cold brew coffee? 

Yes, cold brew coffee and iced coffee are two different things. Iced coffee is made by brewing a fresh pot of coffee or pulling shots of hot espresso and then pouring the hot liquid over ice. However, cold brew coffee is made using a lengthy steeping process with chilled water. So, iced coffee is regular espresso (or coffee) poured over ice while cold brew coffee has been steeped for several hours in cold water. 

Is cold brew good for you?

Yes! Cold brew can be great for you. In fact, coffee of any kind offers a multitude of potential health benefits. This is especially true when it is consumed in reasonable quantities. However, cold coffee comes with a few added health benefits. Not only is cold brew coffee loaded with antioxidants, but it often contains more caffeine than hot brew coffee drinks.

You see, hot coffee is usually extracted using hot water in a drip grind coffee maker, French press, or espresso machine. However, cold brew coffee is not exposed to heat during the brewing process. Instead, cold brew coffee is steeped for several hours in chilled water. Because of this, it naturally gives you a potent dose of minerals, and antioxidants, and may even contain more caffeine.

Also, cold brew coffee is low in calories and can make you feel fuller for longer. So if you are trying to diet, homemade cold-brew coffee is definitely a great option to consider. Finally, since cold brew coffee contains plenty of water, it can be refreshing and hydrating. Just remember, caffeine is also a diuretic. So, still be sure to drink plenty of water and consume potassium, magnesium, and electrolytes to prevent dehydration on a hot day. 

What are some advantages of cold brew coffee?

You can really taste the flavor of the coffee used in cold brew drinks. Because heat is not used for extraction, the flavors of the coffee beans tend to be better preserved. Additionally, cold brew coffee is refreshing, easy to make, and smooth!

Cold Brew Mistakes to Avoid

Some people can't stand cold brew coffee. However, usually, the people who hate cold brew were introduced to a bad batch of beans, a processed canned blend, or some poorly made concoction that tainted their opinion of the drink forever. 

When made properly, cold brew coffee is smooth, slightly sweet, low in acidity, delicately creamy, and perfect for quenching your thirst while also giving you a boost of caffeine. Since we want you to experience cold-brew coffee the right way, here are a couple of cold-brew mistakes to avoid! 

Mistake 1: Buying Processed / Pre-Made Cold Brew 

At one point or another, we have all had a gas station or fast food cup of coffee that was, to put it nicely, lackluster. Just like with hot coffee, cold brew is best when served fresh. Since cold brew coffee has become so exponentially popular over the last few years, many different brands have released products to satisfy customers. However, these cold-brew coffee brands sometimes miss the mark when it comes to taste. 

If trying pre-made cold brew coffee, know that flavors can vary dramatically. Cold brew flavors can range from mild to intense with a lot of variation in between. So, whether the bottled cold brew coffee you get will be any good depends on the brand and its ingredients. 

Also, the more preservatives and ingredients in a cold brew coffee blend, the less it is likely to taste like an authentic representation of cold brew served fresh. If you've never had cold brew coffee before, we suggest avoiding Chobani or Khalifa Farms, as neither of these pre-made coffee drinks is representative of what cold brew coffee should taste like. If at all possible, try cold brew coffee that has been freshly prepared or make it yourself at home. 

Mistake 2: Drinking Cold Brew at Room Temperature 

We still aren't sure how people are able to tolerate the taste of lukewarm coffee. Just like how you wouldn't drink hot coffee that has gone cold, you shouldn't drink cold brew coffee gone warm.  At room temperature, an array of unpalatable flavors begin to emerge in cold brew coffee. Cold brew coffee should always be served chilled.

If you are fresh iced coffee or cold brew coffee has been sitting out on your kitchen counter for a while, it becomes prone to oxidation. This can change the flavor and even the color of a coffee. So, always keep your cold brew refrigerated and drink it before it gets to room temperature. 

Mistake 3: Making Cold Brew with Coffee That’s Overly Acidic 

Making your own fresh cold brew coffee at home can be a great way to save money and enjoy the best possible flavors. If you want to make cold brew coffee at home, however, you should mind the acidity of the coffee beans you use. 

Low-acid coffee is best for making cold brews. A medium or a dark roast is a good choice, but light roast beans aren’t ideal. Avoid using blonde roasts or Robusta coffee beans for making an at-home cold brew batch. If you want low-acid coffee options, this Sumatra Black Satin Arabica coffee is fantastic!

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