Is Dark Roast Coffee the Strongest? Here are the Facts.

Is Dark Roast Coffee the Strongest? All About Dark Roasts! 

A Guide to Roast Levels


If you are new to the world of coffee, you probably have lots of questions. For instance, is dark roast coffee the strongest? Do dark roast have more caffeine? In this guide, we'll cover this and more. That way, whether you are new to the world of coffee or simply want to dive deep into roast profiles, you'll be a pro in no time. 


What are the Different Roast Levels

When you are seeking the best coffee from the best roasters, knowing what roast profiles you prefer is key. Coffee comes in light, medium, and dark roasts. However, there are plenty of roast levels in between! The roast of coffee beans simply refers to how long green coffee beans are heated to produce specific flavors. Different coffee roasts have different flavor profiles. The type of coffee used will also produce different flavor notes. Arabica beans are smooth and naturally slightly sweet. Robusta coffee beans are stronger with more bitter nuances. The longer coffee beans are roasted, the more of their oils come to the surface. The more oils, the smoother the coffee. As such, dark roast coffee beans are often considered to be smooth and rich while light roast coffee is slightly more acidic and bright.


About Dark Roast Coffee

Dark roast beans are roasted for the longest time periods. This allows all of those rich coffee oils to rise to the surface. The resulting cups of coffee will be rich and smooth with strong flavor notes. Dark roast beans are also usually darker in color. If you enjoy low acidity in your morning brew, a dark roast is definitely recommended. 


Is There More Caffeine in a Dark Roast?

Some people think that dark roast beans are stronger and have more caffeine kick than lighter roasts. It is a myth that dark equals more caffeine. The truth is that caffeine content remains pretty much the same during each stage of roasting. The difference between coffee roasts is mostly in taste, not in the amount of caffeine that the coffee beans contain. A good rule of thumb is: a bean's caffeine content changes only with the amount of coffee. So, if you want more caffeine, just drink more cups of coffee. Or, you could brew strong coffee using more grounds in your coffee pot. Different types of coffee also have different caffeine concentration levels.


Which Beans and Roasts are Best?

While we can't tell you which coffee you will prefer, Arabica beans offer a great caffeine, flavor, and oil balance. Additionally, a medium or dark roast usually satisfies most coffee drinkers. All of our coffees are low in acidity with a smooth rich flavor. So, if you are looking for bold flavors that are satisfying, rich, and savory, we highly recommend any of our gourmet single-origin brews. Alternatively, our flavored coffees are made using pure Arabica beans with premium flavoring oils. We offer a range of roasts and grinds as well! 

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