The Best Chocolate for Coffee: Tasty Tips & Tricks

Guide to Using Chocolate for Coffee

Craving the sweet, creamy taste of chocolate in your coffee? The classic combination of coffee and chocolate is hard to resist! So what is the best chocolate for coffee and how can you get your daily java just right? That’s what we will cover right here!

Below are some answers to some commonly asked coffee and chocolate questions and a few tips to help you make the most of every cup! 

What are the best chocolate coffee syrups to try?

Many delicious chocolate sauces can be made at home. Generally, these sauces consist of cream, melted chocolate, sugar, and cocoa powder. However, many handy store-bought chocolate syrups go great in coffee as well! Here are the most popular options and how to use them in coffee. 

All of these sauces are tasty if used correctly. However, we wouldn’t recommend just squirting them into black coffee. The effect is somewhat underwhelming. Instead, use hot milk as a mocha latte base. Then, add your coffee and chocolate syrup to taste.

Instructions for Creamy Homemade Chocolate Mocha Coffee:

Simply warm about 10 oz of milk in the microwave or on the stove. You can use any kind of milk you like or even half and half. The point is to create a hot, creamy base as a mixer for your coffee and chocolate. Although this seems like a lot of milk, it’s actually how coffee shops make lattes and mochas. 

When you buy a mocha or chocolate latte at a coffee shop, you’re getting about 70% milk, 10% syrup, and 20% coffee in every cup. The coffee is brewed in espresso format to give your drink a nice potent kick. When you use coffee syrups, the goal is to copy this technique. The result is a creamy, rich, hot mocha. This method is easy to implement at home and lets you create copy-cat cafe mochas! 


Can you use pure cacao in coffee? 

Not all chocolate coffee ingredients are created equal. Serving up a rich, savory dessert coffee takes a bit more than simply pouring chocolate chips into your morning brew. The same goes for cacao. Coffee with cacao can be delicious if crafted correctly.  

Here’s how to mix coffee with cacao:

  • First, brew your coffee as you would normally.
  • Next, add around 1 tsp of pure cacao powder to your coffee mug. Add more or less to taste.
  • Slowly add some coffee to the powder and stir, making a slightly runny paste. This prevents the cacao powder from clumping. 
  • Add milk as needed and while softly stirring, add the rest of your coffee. 


Does cocoa powder have caffeine?

Yes, cocoa powder has about 12 mg of caffeine per tbsp. So, you’ll want to factor this in if you want to add cocoa powder to your coffee. Also, if you are looking for a caffeine-free drink, you might want to skip the cocoa powder and drink chocolate-flavored decaf coffee instead. We sell it right here. Just remember to select “decaf” in the drop-down menu when you place your order. 


Should you use dark or milk chocolate for black coffee recipes? 

Many people want the taste of chocolate but are looking to avoid dairy or cut out extra calories and drink their coffee black. Other people simply prefer black coffee with strong flavors. If you are trying to decide which chocolate to incorporate into your black coffee, there are a few things to consider. 

For one thing, know that using chocolate in black coffee can have mixed results if you aren’t going to add in any milk. Chocolate in watery black coffee sometimes has a gritty consistency. There are still some great ways to put chocolate in your black coffee, however. 

For rich, sweet black coffee without milk, many lactose-free alternatives such as coconut milk and oat milk are available. These plant-based milk substitutes go well in chocolate coffee. 


Or, consider shopping for black coffee grounds that already come with rich chocolate flavors incorporated from the roaster. This mint chocolate-flavored coffee, for instance, is a great option. It comes with zero extra calories and has an amazing chocolatey aroma. 

If these options aren’t up your alley, here is how to melt chocolate directly into your black coffee. 

Recipe for Black Coffee with Melted Chocolate:

  • Select your favorite high-quality dark or milk chocolate. 
  • Brew a pot of fresh coffee. 
  • Dissolve your dark or milk chocolate in small amounts of coffee slowly.
  • Use as much chocolate as needed, tasting by the spoonful until it’s the consistency you like. 
  • Remember, 100% dark chocolate might be a touch bitter for coffee. You might need some sugar.


What might you put in your coffee if you’re trying to lose weight? 

If you want to savor the flavors of chocolate coffee without the calories, there are two great options to try. First, you could try incorporating sugar-free chocolate syrup into your coffee. There are many great sugar-free coffee syrups out there for a touch of flavor and sweetness. 

Or, you could buy chocolate-flavored coffee. You can browse through an array of enticing flavored coffees online that contain only two calories per cup. These brews all have bold aromas and delicious flavors. They're 99% free of carbs and sugar, to boot! We ship all of our gourmet and flavored coffees on the same day they're roasted to give you the richest possible flavors. 



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