Holiday Coffee Hacks: Easy Peppermint Mocha Recipe

How to Make a Hot Peppermint Mocha Latte At Home: Full Instructions, Tips, + Bonus Iced Latte Recipe!

So many of us love a great peppermint mocha. With the holidays coming up, having a great at-home mocha latte recipe in your arsenal can help you wow your friends and impress your guests at Christmas parties, holiday gatherings, or brunch. This simple peppermint mocha is soothing, energizing, and perfectly sweet! Plus, it can be prepared in under 10 minutes and is arguably better than anything you'd find at big chain coffee stores. We've also included a homemade iced peppermint mocha recipe, just in case you want something extra refreshing this holiday season! 


Ingredients for the Best (and easiest) Peppermint Mocha Latte (12-24 oz sizes): 

You can tweak these mocha latte ingredients as needed, depending on the size of the beverage you plan to craft. Here are the ingredients needed no matter what size you make!

  • 2% Milk (1-3 Cups)
  • Hershey's Chocolate Syrup (1-4 Pumps)
  • Creme de Menthe flavored simple syrup (2-3 Pumps)
  • Chocolate Mint Flavored Coffee (Sold Here) (2-4 Espresso Shots)
  • Whipped Cream and Chocolate or Peppermint Shavings if Desired (For Topping)

Instructions on How to Make a Mint Mocha Latte

Here are the instructions for making this rich, chocolatey, and best of all, easy peppermint mocha latte at home! 

Step 1: Heat Milk

In a heat-safe picture, steam enough milk for the latte size you are crafting.
For 12 oz lattes, you will need about one cup of 2% milk. For 16 oz lattes, you will need approximately one and a half cups of milk. You can substitute different types of milk, just remember that when steaming and heating milk, the type of milk you are using can impact the flavor of your latte. If you do not own a milk steamer, you can heat your milk in the microwave or in a saucepan, stirring regularly until the temperature of the milk reaches 135° to 165° f. 

Step 2: Prepare Strong Coffee/Espresso 

While your milk is heating, begin preparing your shots of espresso.
We highly recommend using flavored coffee, ground into a fine espresso grind. A good espresso shot will be deep brown in color with a rich golden crema. However, if you don't have an espresso maker, you can also prepare three to six fluid ounces of extra-strong brewed coffee in your preferred way. 

Step 3: Add Sweeteners and Flavoring

In an empty cup or mug, add the chocolate syrup and creme de menthe flavored syrup.
A great way to do this is  by drizzling the chocolate syrup all along the inside of the cup so it integrates easily when you add the other ingredients. You can use as much Hershey's Chocolate Syrup and creme de menthe flavoring as you like, but generally, one pump of flavoring syrup and one good-sized squeeze of chocolate syrup will be enough. 

Step 4: Mix and Top with Whipped Cream 

Now, pour hot milk into the cup until it is about 3/5 of the way full, and add your espresso to fill the cup or mug the rest of the way to the top.
Stir gently to ensure that the sweet syrup and chocolate mixture integrates fully.
Top it all off with whipped cream, a final drizzle of chocolate syrup, and chocolate shavings (if desired). Enjoy!


How to Make an Iced Peppermint Mocha 

Making an at-home iced peppermint mocha latte is similar to making a hot peppermint mocha, with a few important differences. You will use the same ingredients listed above, but in a different order, and in slightly different quantities. This is because getting your water-to-coffee ratio right is important for an iced latte since the ice will always melt a little and water down the taste of your drink. If you want a creamier taste, you can also use whole milk instead of 2% milk for your iced mocha latte. Here is how most coffee kiosks prepare iced lattes:


Step 1: Prepare The Cup with Flavors 
In a large glass or cup, add one to two pumps of creme de menthe syrup (depending on your drink size). Next, add a hefty squeeze of Hershey's chocolate syrup. Drizzle the inside of the cup with syrup as well to help everything integrate nicely. Then, fill the cup with ice most of the way to the top. 
Step 2: Make Fresh Coffee Shots
Now, prepare one to four shots of espresso depending on the size of your cup and how strong you like your drinks. If you can't make espresso at home, you can brew 3 to 8 oz of extra-strong coffee. 
Step 3: Add Fresh Coffee (While Still hot) to the Cup and Stir Gently
Now, pour your hot coffee over the ice and stir the mixture gently. The hot coffee will mix with the syrup and cool off as it hits the ice, watering down your drink slightly. Because of this, you may want to add slightly more chocolate syrup, or mint flavoring, or brew your coffee a little stronger.
Step 4: Add The Milk and Toppings
Finally, add cold milk to the drink until full to the top, and gently stir all of the ingredients together. You can top your iced latte with whipped cream, an extra drizzle of chocolate syrup, or peppermint shavings! 


A Few More Tips for the Best Peppermint Mocha Latte Recipe

Now that you know how to craft these delicious minty, chocolatey drinks, here are some tips for creating the best at-home lattes with simple ingredients. 


Steam Your Milk Correctly 

Milk is one of the main ingredients in a latte, and as such, must be heated correctly for the creamiest, toastiest flavors to shine through. If you are steaming milk with an espresso machine, the ideal temperature is between 125° and 165° F. A latte that is at 125° F can be enjoyed immediately while a latte that is 140° F or higher in temperature will need to cool off before you can drink it. If you are working with plant-based milk such as soy milk, almond milk, or coconut milk, be careful during the heating process. While cow's milk tends to have an enjoyable flavor when warmed properly, some plant-based milk can sour or have an unpleasant taste if not heated correctly. 


Use Flavored Coffees for an Extra Kick

Using flavored coffees (like those sold on OneGreatCoffee.Com) to craft lattes at home is a great way to infuse your drinks with decadent flavor nuances while also keeping the calories to a dull roar. This website offers an array of decadent fresh roasted flavored coffees that are perfect for crafting amazing at-home lattes, including mint chocolate flavored coffee grounds! 


Practice with Flavors Until You Get Your Latte Perfect

As you add sweeteners like Hershey's chocolate syrup or creme de menthe to your peppermint mocha, it's important not to go overboard at first. Making lattes at home may take a little bit of trial and error at the beginning. If your drink isn't sweet enough, you can always add a little bit more Hershey's syrup or creme de menthe flavoring. However, if your drink is overly sweet or too minty, pour everything into a larger cup and add more milk and coffee. Not to worry, in time you will get your perfect recipe tweaked! 


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