Fat Loss Using the 30 30 30 Rule + Coffee!

How to Lose Weight Working Out in The Morning Using Coffee and the 30-30-30-Rule?

Here, I want to talk about how you can use this simple rule in tandem with coffee to start getting real weight loss results and revolutionize your health as a whole. Let’s dive in!  

What is the 30 30 30 rule? 

The 30-30-30 theory says that 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking followed by 30 minutes of steady-state cardio (below 135 heartbeats per minute) will eviscerate fat from the body. 

Although many answers to “what is the 30 30 30 rule” are listed online, for fat loss, the answer is: consuming 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up and doing steady-state cardio, for 30 minutes to achieve noticeable and fast fat loss in the body. 

Mindfulness, nutrition, and exercise are also important, the 30/30/30 rule exists to prevent your body from consuming the lean muscle you are trying to build instead of burning fat. 

Easy Way to Implement the 30/30/30 Rule with Coffee

So how can you actually use the 30 30 30 rule to lose weight?

You'll need: 

  • Eggs or Protein Powder
  • 2% Milk 
  • A way to measure your heart rate (like a smart watch)
  • Somewhere/way to do a light workout by walking, cycling, etc.
  • Coffee for energy if you're tired in the mornings

- Preparing Protein Coffee: I love making protein coffee, as it tastes great and gives me the nutrients I need to build lean muscle! I warm my 2% milk up first, and then stir in the protein powder. Finally, I mix it all with Highlander Grogg Flavored Coffee for a delicious, creamy pre-workout drink and a caffeine boost.

Prepare your coffee first thing in the morning with one scoop of protein powder in two cups of low-fat milk. (A cup of low-fat milk has about 9 grams of protein, so two cups of low-fat milk will give you 18 grams of protein. Then, one scoop of protein powder should give you the final 12 grams of protein you need to equal 30. If you don't have protein powder on hand, two eggs also provides 12 g of protein )

- Working Out Doing Steady-State Cardio: After consuming the 30 grams of protein in my creamy coffee, I simply go take a brisk walk for the next 30 minutes. I personally walk on a TreadClimber machine, going no faster than 1 mph, to keep my heart rate steadily at 135 BPM or lower. A smart watch can help you easily measure your heart rate. 

I do this about five times a week and the results are mind-blowing! 

Is weight loss with coffee different for women and men?

For many women, dieting can be a complicated process, and weight loss works differently for men and women. Indeed, plenty of studies back up the fact that women and men burn fat in different ways.

I personally remember a 3-month period in which five days a week, I would wake up fully fasted, have a cup of black coffee, and work out intensively for 55 minutes. I was exhausting myself to the brink of insanity, only to lose NO weight. (And I really mean ZERO pounds!) How was that possible? Well, it had to do with HOW my body was getting its energy.

I found out that I was actually consuming my own lean muscle instead of building muscle and burning fat. Was the coffee to blame? Nope! But I was consuming my coffee on an empty stomach, not eating enough protein, and essentially forcing my body to fail. Now, with just black coffee, protein, and the 30 30 30 rule, I have been able to finally see real weight loss results! 

An In-Depth Overview of the 30 / 30 / 30 Rule

While this may all sound like a simple and easy fix, it is important to understand how the 30-30-30 rule actually impacts the human body, particularly for women. According to bio-hacker Gary Brecka, once we as women understand the physiological rules regarding how our bodies burn energy, we can effectively learn to lose weight in a healthy and effective way. Here's how it works:

• Sugar / Glucose is the First Thing Your Body Burns for Energy

Your body wants to access energy as easily as possible. After all, the human body is all about efficiency. If you have sugar (glucose) in your bloodstream, your body will always go to that source of energy first, with no exceptions. 

When sugar levels rise in your bloodstream, your body secretes something called insulin. Most people think the primary role of insulin is to lower blood sugar, but that's not true. The primary role of insulin is to block any other forms of energy utilization in the body. So, if insulin is high, you cannot burn fat. It is physiologically impossible. Since glucose will burn out of your bloodstream first, you should work out when your blood sugar levels are low, to bypass this issue and cause fat burning. Usually, people have the lowest blood sugar when they wake up, and therefore, working out within 30 minutes of waking is a great way to make things easier.

• Glycogen Is Used Next for Energy

The next source of energy is something called glycogen. Glycogen is stored sugar in your liver and muscles. Most people have about a 20-minute reserve of glycogen in their body. 

• Lean Muscle Then Liquifies

After the glucose and glycogen are used up, your body begins to get its energy from lean muscle. This is where many people make a critical mistake when trying to lose weight. When the body burns lean muscle for energy, it is not burning fat. This means that you can work out intensively without actually “slimming down”. 

When you don't have any sugar in your bloodstream, after 20 minutes of working out, your body searches for the next easiest energy source. It takes approximately 3 minutes to liquify lean muscle, but it takes 5 hours to turn fat into energy. So, where do you think your body is getting energy from? That’s right, the body is digesting your only muscle. Then that night you're building it back up, only to repeat the whole process the next day when you work out. 


Where the 30-30-30 Rule Comes Into Play

There's an entire book written by Tim Ferriss called The 4-Hour Body explaining how the body burns energy and why the 30-30-30 rule works. The 30-30-30 theory says: that 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking followed by 30 minutes of steady-state cardio (below 135 beats per minute) will eviscerate fat from the body. 


How to drink coffee using the 30/30/30 rule?

For me, working out early in the morning is a difficult task. After all, I’m tired! My solution is to drink a large cup of black coffee and consume 30 Grams of protein, before doing steady state cardio. The caffeine in coffee gives me enough of a boost for a good workout, and the protein protects my body from consuming its own lean muscle mass. 

So how do you get 30 grams of protein? Well, for me it comes out to about a scoop of protein powder in my coffee with a cup of low-fat milk and then an egg. (I discovered a great collection of flavored coffees that are great for a workout and help me fight those sugar cravings to boot.) From there, I work out doing steady-state cardio (meaning that I keep my heart rate between 115-135 BPM) for only 30 minutes. 

So far I've lost 15 lbs using this method! My breathing is better, my energy is better, and I am not destroying myself at the gym. The only other thing I do is trade carbs for protein in as many places as I can in my diet. It’s a straightforward concept that WORKS!

 "On an empty stomach, try mixing a scoop of protein powder in your coffee + one cup of low-fat milk and then have an egg on the side. This is a great way to prepare your body for success by consuming 30 g of protein, before hitting the gym and doing steady-state cardio (between 115-135 BPM) for 30 minutes. "


Final Thoughts on the '30 30 30 Rule' and Drinking Coffee for Weight Loss

All in all, it is very important for your body to have protein in order to effectively burn fat for energy. It is also important to make sure that your glucose and glycogen levels are handled effectively.

That’s why the 30-30-30 rule works. Don’t wake up and hit the gym (or work out at home) with just coffee on an empty stomach. Instead, consume 30 grams of protein with your coffee and do steady-state cardio for 30 minutes first thing in the morning to see HUGE results in just one month! 

Check out this amazing lineup of delicious organic coffees if you are looking for a healthier caffeine fix!


Disclaimer: This article offers general information and discussions about health-related subjects. The information and other content provided in this article, blog, website, or in any linked materials are not intended and should not be regarded, or used as a replacement for, medical advice or treatment. This blog does not constitute healthcare advice. If you or any other person has a medical concern, you should consult with your healthcare provider. 


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    Or even I can start with strength exercise?
    As a matter of fact as a woman in summer with intereval fasting I loos weight and get cut line in body but for sure not muscle!

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