Everything to Know About Flavored Coffee

Flavored Coffee: A Complete Guide from the Pros

Want to learn all about flavored coffee? We've got you covered! In this guide, we'll discuss the top coffee flavors, how coffee beans are flavored, where to buy the best flavored coffee to drink black, and more! 

At One Great Coffee, we sell hundreds of premium coffees infused with strong, unique flavors and roasted fresh. That's why we know what we're talking about when it comes to flavored coffee. Now, let's look at how to buy flavored coffee and get the most bang for your buck! 

An Intro to Coffee Flavor

Some people love the unaltered taste of bitter, smooth, heavenly coffee. However, for other people, straight black coffee is a little strong. If you have ever been asked: "do you want some coffee with your creamer?" you may be in category two. And that's okay!

The astringent or bitter nuances of coffee aren't for everyone, at least not right off the bat. It's a developed taste, for sure. Not to worry, if you want a little more flavor in your Java, plenty of delectable coffee flavors are available to choose from. In fact, you might be surprised how many flavored coffee options there actually are! This is especially true if you shop with us. 

Hundreds of Flavored Coffee Options At Your Fingertips

Whether you want something with subtitle raspberry notes or bold toasted marshmallow flavors, One Great Coffee has you covered. We also have all of the classics like caramel, vanilla, and chocolate. If you are craving something classic or want to try a coffee flavor that's entirely new, you can trust our selection of flavored coffees to deliver! 

For a smooth sip of something new, why not try our Cinnamon Sweet Potato Swirl coffee? Or, freshen up your morning with peppermint chocolate coffee. No matter what you're craving, we've probably got something to make your mouth water. You can also combine coffee flavors in your own kitchen to make the flavor possibilities virtually endless! (Personally, I like mixing the Blueberries and Cream coffee with the Bourbon Whiskey coffee for a "Berry Mountain Moonshine" effect on summer mornings.) 


What to Look for in Flavored Coffee?

If you want to try flavored coffee, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Namely, you want your coffee to be fresh, of good quality, ground to order, and of course, tasty. 

Some coffees at the grocery store have colorful pictures of cinnamon rolls or doughnuts printed on the bag, alluding to the promise of bold flavors. However, many of these coffees still only taste like regular, bitter coffee. 

Also, be sure to choose premium Arabica coffee beans. Arabica beans are smoother, tastier, and gentler on the digestive system. 

How to Get Flavored Coffee that Delivers Bold Notes and a Tasty Brew

To avoid underwhelming flavors and low-quality beans, you should look for a seller who offers premium fresh roasted coffee infused with strong flavors. (Yes, like us.)

Although the idea of strong flavoring can be intimidating, we assure you that the final taste of our fresh-brewed flavored coffee is divine. It's absolutely perfect for those craving something "extra". 

In fact, all of our delicious flavors blend beautifully with the taste of coffee. These delicately balanced flavors penetrate the coffee beans for delicious flavors and scents in every cup. You can taste and smell each enticing note when you brew a pot of coffee or a shot of espresso!

Are Natural Flavors Better? 

When coffee roasters implement artificial flavors in coffee, you may wonder whether it is better to go organic. Really, it will be up to you. With our flavored coffee options, all of the beans are high-quality and every small batch is prepared to order the same day it ships. In our opinion, it doesn't get much better than that in the flavored coffee game! However, we understand that some of our selective coffee drinkers want nothing but all-natural coffee goodness.

No worries, we have the fancy stuff too. In fact, it's some of the finest gourmet coffee from around the world! Indeed, our Organic Coffees and fair-trade, single-origin brews are wonderful for those who prioritize wholesome, natural goodness. These coffees showcase natural flavor notes that change based on where the coffee was grown and how it was prepared before the roasting process started. Many of these brews are harvested from micro-lot plantations, tended by local farmers who directly benefit from selling their beans for fair prices. Talk about a win-win!

We can't tell you which coffee to drink. What we can tell you is that many of our employees drink our coffee every day and love it. Plus, many of our regular customers rave about our delicious brews! Just read at the bottom to see what our real customer reviews say about the strength and scent of our fresh gourmet and flavored coffees. 

What to Look for in Flavored Coffee:

  • Delicious flavors 
  • Fresh roasted 
  • Multiple grind styles
  • Arabica coffee beans 


The Best Flavored Coffee to Drink Black 

Another great thing about flavored coffee is how delicious it tastes on its own. If you like to drink your coffee black but don't want it to be bland, you should definitely consider taking the flavored coffee route. The other option is to get coffee made with beans from somewhere exotic like Java, Kona, or Indonesia. 


Flavored coffees can showcase the profile of the coffee beans or immerse your senses in a world of delectable aromas and flavor nuances. It all depends on the flavor of coffee you pick! If you are looking for a great flavored coffee to drink black, check out any of the following options. 


Bourbon Whiskey Flavored Coffee

Bananas Foster Flavored Coffee

Christmas Cookies Flavored Coffee

Creme Brulee Flavored Coffee


Explore a New World with Many Different Types of Coffee Flavors!

If you are looking for flavored coffee at your local grocery store, chances are your selection will be pretty limited. You are likely to see coffee flavors like vanilla, cinnamon roll, caramel, hazelnut, and the occasional chocolate flavor. 


Many people also look forward to the holidays, when flavored coffees are easier to find in stores. What if we told you that you could choose from hundreds of unique coffee flavors to make your mouth water any time of the year for close to the same price? You can! 


By ordering flavored coffee online, you get a better selection than anything you could ever find at the grocery store. After all, our vast flavored coffee selection would take up an entire aisle on its own. 


Additionally, our coffee comes at close to the same price, is of higher quality, always freshly roasted, and made using bold, unique flavorings and the finest Grade AAA coffee beans available. If you want to open the door to a new world of flavored coffee, you can start right here


Want Natural Flavorings? Try Our Organic Coffee

Another great thing about our coffee is its versatility and diversity. While many of our delicious flavored coffees are enjoyed all over America, we also offer premium Organic and Single-Origin beans. These coffees from around the world carry natural flavor notes from the soil in which they are grown. For instance, you can taste the fruits of Hawaii's volcanic loam soil in our Kona Coffees


How to flavor coffee beans correctly? 

There are many different ways to flavor coffee beans. We can't speak to what other roasters or chain coffee producers do. What we can tell you is how our coffee flavor infusion process goes. It all starts with the finest Grade AAA Arabica Specialty coffee beans. 


The coffee beans are carefully roasted to perfection. We have many different roast levels that follow a roast meter guide. When the coffee beans are done roasting and still warm, we begin infusing them with the finest flavorings. 


At this stage, the oils in the coffee beans are hot and fragrant. We add flavorings carefully, mixing each batch by hand. Then, we custom grind the coffee to your specifications before packaging it in a vacuum-sealed bag. All of this, on the same day your order ships! 


The fresh roasting process, premium flavor oils, and vacuum-sealed valve bags mean that your coffee will be fresh, fragrant, and flavorful. When you open a bag of fresh roasted flavored coffee, you can smell and taste the difference right away. 


Do Flavored Coffee Grounds Have Sugar?

Once again, we can't speak to what the big box coffee chains do. What we can say is our coffee is always free of added sugar. Apart from the natural sugars found in the coffee beans themselves, we don't add any extra calories. Just natural flavor oils! 

This makes our coffee ideal for keto, fasting, Atkins, and other low-calorie diets. There are just two delicious calories per cup! With the craving-crushing flavors and energy boost, our coffee is awesome for those trying to slim down. 

On the other hand, if you want your coffee to carry some calories, all of our flavored brews go great with cream. Just add your favorite unflavored or sweetened coffee creamer (or heavy whipping cream) and you will be able to indulge in the delicious flavor of Java with sweet creamy notes. 

What are the most popular coffee flavors? 

  • #1 French Vanilla
  • #2 Peppermint
  • #3 Hazelnut
  • #4 Pumpkin Spice
  • #5 Mocha
  • #6 Butterscotch
  • #7 Caramel
  • #8 Amaretto

We sell all of these flavors! In fact, we sell many variations of these flavors as well. Just type any of these flavors into our search bar and you will get an array of options with these flavors in the mix. 


Real-Life Coffee Reviews

Something about online shopping is a little bit scary. After all, you don't want to provide your credit card information to a stranger. You also don't want to make a purchase that ends up being a scam. No worries, we were thinking of this when we designed our website. 


We make our customer reviews available for everyone to see. You can check out what other people have said about our coffee so you know that our site is 100% legitimate. You can also email us or contact us for customer service and get in touch with a real human being. 


Our headquarters are in Texas with remote support from people in Wyoming and Colorado. We even try to respond to all of our customer comments. Yep, our website is run by a small group of coffee lovers just trying to share a world of possibilities with other coffee enthusiasts. 


Here are a few verified reviews from customers: 


On our butterscotch cream coffee:

“Deliciously creamy with soft butter flavor with hints of toffee! Great combo of flavorings! Thank you! Certain to order AGAIN!”

Vick R.


On our blueberry coffee: 

“This is one of my favorites. Very good flavor!”

Jamie D. 


On our southern pecan coffee:

“I love the southern pecan-flavored coffee. This coffee is perfect and tasty. The whole house smells fantastic when I brew it. This coffee never bothers my stomach. It’s smooth and rich and so satisfying.”

Jennifer F.


Flavored Coffee: The Bottom Line 

There are many reasons to try out flavored coffee. For one thing, it's a great choice for daily coffee drinkers who want to switch things up again a bit. The compelling aromas and delightful flavor profiles are sure to brighten up any caffeine routine! Plus, the scents wafting through your kitchen from our flavored coffee are amazing. It's pretty cool to be able to sip on something that smells so enticing!

This coffee also makes a fantastic gift. With flavors like peach cobbler, cinnamon vanilla, and even bacon, there is a novelty coffee flavor for everyone to try! Plus, we've got some of the finest Grade AAA arabica coffee around. This specialty coffee is roasted fresh and infused with bold flavors to ensure the best possible taste. Ground custom just for you, it’s a real treat! See more coffee right here! You're sure to find the perfect flavor to fall in love with. 


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