Cold Brew VS Iced Coffee Guide

Cold Brew VS Iced Coffee Guide

Know Your Favorite Java Drinks 

 There are so many different ways to enjoy delicious coffee. Coffee shops often have many different flavors of cold or iced coffee. However, your local coffee shop might not do a great job of explaining exactly what the difference is when it comes to cold brew vs iced coffee. No one wants to spend the entire time they are looking at the menu trying to figure out what each drink type is! For that reason, we are going to explain the difference between cold brews, iced coffee, frappes, and more!


Cold Brew VS Iced Coffee Taste

Cold brew coffee is made with a steeping method. It's naturally full-bodied, smooth, and aromatic. Frequently, it is served black, with milk, in a glass bottle, or over ice. A rich splash of cream and your favorite syrups are a great addition to cold brews! On the other hand, iced coffee is lighter, with a medium body. Usually made with espresso, it tends to be a little brighter depending on what type of beans you use.


• About Cold Brews

If you want a refreshing drink that will invigorate you and wake you up, cold brews are perfect. Using a cold water brewing method, cold brews often contain fresh chilled coffee and milk. In most scenarios, cold brew coffee is made by steeping coarse coffee grounds in cold water for a number of hours (16-24 hours usually). This slow, low-temperature brewing method makes cold brew coffee taste very different from coffee made in hot water. Most cold brew coffee has a mild and mellow flavor with low acidity.


• About Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is made slightly differently. Unlike brews steeped slowly in cold water, an iced coffee or latte consists of fresh shots of espresso poured over ice. With this method, no additional cold water dilutes the flavors. Then, simple syrup and milk are usually added to make an iced latte. You can also get an iced Americano. These drinks are not blended. They're refreshing, smooth, and easy to enjoy on the go.


• About Blended Coffee and Frappes

A Frappuccino or frappe will be shaken or blended for a foamy or creamy consistency. This is basically a blended iced latte drink with powders or syrups for flavors. Ice cream may also be blended with ice and espresso. Whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel on top complete the effect! Coffee enthusiasts looking for a dessert brew often turn to the frappe. These delicious cold drinks come in many flavors and styles. If you have a blender and some good coffee, they can easily be made from home! 


Easily Make All of These Brews from Home Using Our Fresh Gourmet Coffee

At One Great Coffee, we believe that you deserve the smooth taste of a great quality coffee any time for a fair value. At a fraction of what it costs at a coffee shop, you can easily use our coffee to make frappes, iced lattes, and cold brew coffee from home.

If you want to brew cold coffee, we recommend freshly grinding any of our gourmet organic coffee beans and letting them steep in cold water in the fridge for about 18 hours. Or, you can use any of our delicious French Press coffee grinds! All of our gourmet coffees come available in whole bean, standard ground, French Press, and espresso grinds. For iced lattes from home, you can use any of our  flavored coffees or try our premium single-origin espresso blends! The same goes for making your favorite frappes in the blender from home. Get yours today and save money while enjoying deliciously refreshing coffee!

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