Coffee that Doesn’t Taste Like Coffee: 5 Options Even Non Coffee Fans Will Like!

Here are some good coffee options for those who don't like that bitter coffee taste!

Not everyone adores the taste of coffee. Some people find the bitterness of coffee daunting or downright unpalatable. So what can you do if you don't like the taste of coffee but want to begin exploring new coffee drinks or need a caffeine boost in the afternoon? That’s what we are here to find out! Below are 5 coffee options for people who don't necessarily like the taste of coffee, but still want to give it a try or reap its benefits!

5 Best Coffees for People Who Hate Coffee

Without further ado, here are five solid options for people who want to get an energy boost from coffee without having to deal with excess bitterness, strong coffee flavors, or astringency! 

  • Pre-Flavored Coffee Grounds

Flavored grounds or beans are fantastic for people who want to brew coffee at home and also avoid bitterness or strong coffee nuances. Fresh-roasted coffee grounds and beans can be infused with some truly tasty oils or extracts that give them a unique taste and smell. Then, the flavored coffee goes into a vacuum-sealed valve bag to preserve the bold flavor notes and mouth watering fragrances. 

Without any added sweetness or calories, there are many delicious flavored coffee options for those who usually dislike coffee to check out. Popular and unique flavors include Peach Cobbler, Almond Toffee, Highlander Grogg, Butterscotch Cream, Eggnog, and Mint Chocolate. 

When shopping for flavored coffee, be careful to check and see that the coffee you are interested in is fully flavored (not just mildly aromatized). The boldest flavored coffees are spiced or richly infused with extracts and oils. When these coffees are brewed, not only does a decadent aroma fill your home, but the taste of these coffees is authentic, clearly distinguishable, and full of flavoring notes.

Flavored coffee is perfect for people who want the subtle taste of coffee yet with decadent flavor undertones, plus no added sweetness or calories. It can even be used for lattes, fraps, and other craft coffee drinks. Shop for a vast selection of premium Arabica-bean flavored coffees online in the “flavored coffee” section at

  • Lattes Made with Blonde Espresso

Light blonde espresso roasts can be a great option for people who want an earthier cup of coffee with lots of caffeine. These light roast coffees are sometimes slightly more acidic than their dark roast counterparts, however, they can still be fantastic when mixed with milk or cream. If you are trying to avoid astringency, bitterness, or other characteristics found in regular coffee, a blonde roast may be worth a try. Especially, if you don't mind a little bit of extra acidity or an earthy aftertaste. 


  • Blended Coffee Drinks

Blended coffee drinks are quite popular among people who don't particularly love the taste of coffee itself. Blended coffee drinks (like Frappuccinos) are sweet and creamy with plenty of other ingredients that mask the flavor of coffee. As long as you don't mind the extra calories, these are worth looking into for a little caffeine kick! You can even make them yourself at home with ice, milk, and powdered white chocolate or cocoa. 

  • Pure Arabica Coffee

For some, a dislike of coffee may stem from trying the wrong kind of coffee. It might not be that you hate the flavor of coffee itself, but rather, that you dislike the flavor of bitter and astringent Robusta coffee. After all, many people are unaware that coffee comes in two primary variations: Arabica and Robusta. Robusta blends are also frequently sold on the shelves of stores. 

So what's the difference? Well, Arabica coffee is smoother and milder, with a delicate balance of sweetness. Whereas, Robusta coffee is generally bolder and more bitter. It has certain undertones that many find to be unpalatable. If you have ever tried a cup of black Starbucks Americano coffee, you can get an idea of what Robusta blends taste like.

So before you give up on coffee entirely, or convince yourself that you hate its taste, be sure that you are indeed getting genuine fresh roasted Arabica coffee beans (instead of a Robusta blend pretending to be an Arabica coffee). 

  • French Press Coffee with or Without Milk

Finally, you may want to consider trying French press coffee. Making coffee with a French press is a fairly straightforward process. Yes, it takes a little more time and effort than using an electric coffee machine, but the results can be well worth your effort. 

Preparing coffee with this method ensures that the coffee ground saturation level is monitored carefully, oftentimes producing a smoother and milder cup. When you add other ingredients like flavors, cream, or milk to a French press brew, things get even smoother and tastier for a totally enjoyable coffee-drinking experience. 

FAQs on Coffee and Its Flavor Notes

Now, let's go over some frequently asked questions about coffee and its natural flavor notes. After all, the more you know about coffee qualities, the easier it becomes to uncover the perfect brews for you!

What makes coffee taste bad?

There are many reasons that your coffee might not taste great. For one thing, your coffee could be too acidic. Coffee acidity varies depending on the origin of coffee beans, their roast level, the coffee brewing process, the type of bean (Robusta, Liberica, Arabica, etc.), and other factors.  

  • Acidity Issues
  • The less acidic your coffee is, the milder (and smoother)  it is going to taste. However, acidity is also an important component of coffee, and a balanced acidity level is key to a flavorful cup of Joe. So, the trick is to find a coffee that has the acidity level you prefer, and then prepare it properly. 

  • Bad Beans
  • In general, the most popular (and smoothest) coffee beans will be Arabica beans. Arabica coffee beans can be sourced from all over the world, including plantations in Indonesia, Hawaii, Ethiopia, Arabia, South America, and beyond. 

    The second most popular type of coffee is Robusta. Robusta coffee beans tend to have a stronger and more bitter flavor, with an astringent aftertaste. For people who want a tasty cup of coffee, Arabica beans are usually the best option, and Robusta coffees ought to be avoided. So, it’s probably smart to find a coffee retailer that sells 100% pure, grade A Arabica coffee beans. 

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  • Brewing Coffee Wrong
  • It is also important that you are preparing your coffee correctly. Not only do you need to have the proper water to-coffee-ratio, but you should also be steeping/saturating your coffee at the correct temperature. Espresso shots must be pulled with care to acquire the desired crema level. French press coffee should be steeped for an adequate time. To ensure that your coffee tastes great, you may want to watch a few videos or read some tutorials about your preferred coffee preparation method to up your game and enhance your skills. 

    Where can you buy flavored coffee?

    If you want to shop for delicious flavored coffee options, there are many retailers available online with a wide selection of flavored brews to choose from., for example, is a top-rated online flavored coffee seller that roasts every small batch of craft coffee the same day that your order is shipped, resulting in the freshest and smoothest flavors possible. 

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