Can You Froth Cream?

Can you froth cream? Here's what you need to know! 

For some of us, cream and coffee create the ultimate pairing of flavorful superiority. The delicious smoothness of cream and the bright acidity of coffee pair beautifully with a symphony of flavor nuances! The only thing that can be better than creamer in coffee is fresh cream in hand-prepared espresso. But can you froth cream as you would milk? That’s exactly what we are here to discuss.  

experienced Barista uses steamed frothed milk to craft coffee drink

Why choose cream over milk in coffee?

Dairy cream is thicker than milk, with more oils and fats and fewer carbohydrates. These oils blend with those in coffee to create a smoother, thicker drink. Moreover, some types of dairy cream, like heavy whipping cream, don’t contain any carbohydrates at all. This makes cream an ideal option for coffee drinkers seeking smooth flavors without added sugars or carbs. Although dairy cream is much fattier than milk, it can be great for people looking to access rich, sugar-free coffee. 


Can you froth cream instead of milk?

Adding frothy milk to your coffee is a great way to enhance its flavors and create a silky-smooth texture. Something about frothy coffee just seems divine. And after all, some of the best local coffee shops add frothed milk to the top of a fresh-brewed cup for the perfect luxurious touch.

So can cream be frothed like milk? The answer is yes! Below, we’ll walk you through how to froth cream for gourmet barista-style coffee from the comfort of home. 


Frothing VS steaming: What's the difference?

Frothing is the process of adding air. It's like whipping. Steaming milk also adds air and creates a fluffy texture. However, steaming heats the milk as well to keep the temperature of the coffee desirable. Most prefer steamed and frothed milk to milk that has been shaken or frothed without heat. Still, frothing is a great way to make whipped coffee and cold foam. 

To give you an idea of the difference, a flat white implements steamed frothed milk, while a cold brew coffee topped sweet-cream cold foam brew uses frothed cold cream or half-and-half blended with sugar.  


milk steaming spout on an espresso machine

What is the best addition to coffee, milk, or cream? 

Both are great! Many coffee enthusiasts prefer to drink their java black without any extra additions whatsoever. With that being said, many coffee drinkers like to add cream, milk, sugar, or honey to their morning brews. Pure cream is an ideal choice for those looking for a rich and thick cup of Joe.

Milk helps cut the acidity of coffee and goes well with a little bit of sugar. Honey is another great option for coffee, as it contains many natural antioxidants. Finally, store-bought coffee creamers can save people time when preparing coffee. 

All of these additions are fine with coffee, it will simply depend on what you, personally, like most. However, we must say, if you want rich coffee flavors, opting for flavored coffee is a great route to take. That way, you can brew bold flavor notes straight into your coffee! Then, it’s just a matter of adding the milk or cream you prefer.

We sell just such flavor-infused coffee right here! So, after reading this article, we definitely recommend checking out our mouth-watering selection! 


What types of cream can you froth?

You can froth half and half and heavy whipping cream for coffee. Both of these types of cream can be frothed using the milk steamer spout on your espresso machine or an electric hand-held frothing tool.

However, steaming and frothing coffee creamer is a bit harder. Powdered coffee creamer, for instance, cannot be frothed unless you rehydrate it first. Also, many store-bought coffee creamers contain sugar and oils that do not do well when steamed with the steaming wand of an espresso machine. These creamer concoctions tend to separate and can also cause a build-up on your steaming spout. For the best results, buy real dairy cream or milk and then froth or steam it. 


Can cream be steamed with a milk spout? 

Yes, dairy cream can be steamed similarly to how you would steam milk for a latte. In fact, in a breve beverage, half and half will be used in place of milk to create an incredibly thick and lux latte-style hot drink. For regular coffee or shots of espresso, heavy whipping cream can also be briefly steamed to create delicious touch for your favorite morning brew. 


Why steam or froth cream instead of milk? 

Frothing and steaming cream can elevate your morning cup of coffee. This gourmet barista-style touch takes your drink to a whole new level and gives you a little extra boost to face the day. Specialty drinks like flat whites, macchiatos, breves, and cappuccinos often implement steamed or frothed milk or cream. Latte art also implements frothed milk or cream to add an artisan touch. 

Whether you want to elevate a plain cup of coffee or replace milk with cream for another reason, this is a great way to enhance the way that you make coffee. Plus, it allows you to make premium coffee-shop-style drinks at home for yourself, your friends, and your family! 


How to Froth Cream or Milk for Coffee

Frothing cream or milk is simpler than you might think. If you already have an espresso machine with a steaming spout, you have almost everything you need to begin crafting gourmet coffee beverages from home. Now, all you need is great coffee (click here to see some), milk, half and half, or cream, and a steaming pitcher. You can then use the steaming wand to blow hot steam and air into the cream. Listen to the sound it makes. When the tone starts to go lower, you should be able to look into the pitcher and see your frothed foam! From there, you can add it to coffee. 


Notes and Tips for Frothing Cream and Steaming Milk: 

If using the steaming wand on an espresso machine, it is best to choose a metal pitcher with a handle and a pour spout.

Electric hand-held frothing wands can also be used to froth milk without heat. These little wands simply vibrate to quickly stir cream or milk and add air for a thicker texture. 

  • Frothing apparatus

For many people, the steaming spout on an espresso machine is the best tool to use for frothing or steaming cream or milk. This steamer spout is sometimes also called a steaming wand. The purpose of this wand is to blow hot steam into the milk or cream to create a thick and luxurious frothy liquid. Steaming wands are often used by baristas at coffee shops to heat milk and froth cream.

However, you could also purchase an electric milk frothing tool. A blender or mixer could even potentially be used, although, you must heat the milk separately with these tools, which complicates the process. 

You can also use a mason jar to shake up cream if you are unable to get other tools and want rich coffee from home. Just add about half a cup of warm cream to the mason jar and shake it vigorously for at least 30 seconds to combine the cream with plenty of air. 

Milk frothing tool and mixer

  • Coffee or espresso machine

Espresso machines are very handy for making lattes, breves, and other fancy coffee drinks. However, you can also brew your coffee extra strong using a regular coffee maker. 

  • Steaming pitcher 

Using a metal steaming pitcher with a handle is recommended for frothing or steaming milk or cream with an espresso machine. This ensures the heat of the steam does not create a hazard. However, a mason jar can also be used if you are using an electric milk frothing wand and not applying heat. 

  • Cream or milk 

Milk, half and half, or heavy whipping cream can all be frothed and steamed. Steaming coffee creamer is not recommended, although technically you could use an electric hand frothing tool without any heat to whip coffee creamer into a slightly thicker consistency.


Can You Froth Cream: FAQS

Now, here are some other frequently asked questions on the topic of frothing cream. 


Can you froth heavy cream?

Yes, heavy cream can be frothed and whipped into a thick and luxurious consistency for coffee. 


Can you froth creamer? 

So can you froth coffee creamer? Yes, you can definitely shake coffee creamer up or froth it to add in air and create a fluffier texture. You can also get a thicker consistency by using an electric hand frothing tool to add a fancy touch to your coffee. 

Although, steaming or adding heat to store-bought coffee creamers like Coffee Mate is not recommended. Instead, use flavored coffee and heavy whipping cream. Then, add sugar as needed. Many agree that this yields about the same amount of calories but with a better overall taste. 


Can you froth coffee mate creamer?

Technically, yes. However, see the above question. Most agree that flavored coffee and real cream create a healthier and tastier alternative. Many great non-dairy alternatives and healthy oils can be thickened with a milk frothing tool as well. Still, if you absolutely love the taste of Coffee Mate, you can froth it with an electric milk frothing wand. The results may vary depending on the type of Coffee Mate creamer you use. Powdered creamers must be mixed with milk or oil first before you can froth them. 


Can you froth almond milk creamer or other non-dairy alternatives? 

Absolutely! Almond milk is a great choice for those looking to avoid dairy products. There are also many other types of non-dairy milk alternatives that can also be frothed and steamed. Even butter and MCT oil can be frothed to a fluffier consistency. 

With these oils and kinds of milk, the goal is to add air to create a thicker texture. An electric hand milk frothing tool can be used. You can also steam many types of non-dairy milk using the milk steaming wand on an espresso machine. 

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