Can Coffee Help a Sore Throat? Yes, Here's What to Know!

Cold and flu season is upon us! This means a scratchy throat can be a common occurrence. The dry air, cold temperatures, and lack of sunlight tend to lead to an outpouring of runny noses, scratchy throats, and general exhaustion. So can coffee help you out if you've got a cold? 

Does coffee help with cold symptoms? 

Yes, coffee can help ease cold symptoms and soothe a sore throat because it's a hot liquid that contains caffeine. The caffeine will give you an energy boost, and the warmth of the steamy liquid can aid with breaking up congestion and clearing out your sinuses. According to studies (1. cited: below) caffeine is also known to help with pain. 

Don’t Over Do It On Caffeine if You’re Sick 

With that in mind, it's important to understand that an excessive intake of caffeine should be avoided if you're already feeling under the weather. Caffeine as a stimulant can make resting and sleeping difficult, and if you have a cold, getting rest is generally thought to be the best way to get back on your feet. Still, sometimes rest isn't readily available even if you are feeling sick. Life happens! In this case, some hot coffee can perk you up and help you tackle the necessities with less discomfort. One option is to save coffee for those days when you absolutely must get up and leave the house. Otherwise, when you're sick, rest and hydration should be your top priorities. 

Here are some tips for drinking coffee to help ease the symptoms of a cold and why this caffeinated beverage can be helpful if you're feeling unwell.

What to Know About Drinking Coffee for a Sore Throat or Sick with a Cold 

Cold and flu season seems to be a year-round thing these days! Drinking coffee when you have a cold has its ups and downs. Although the caffeine in coffee can help relieve pain and the hot liquid can also help soothe your throat and move congestion in your sinuses along, drinking coffee won't necessarily heal you from a cold. Here are the benefits and disadvantages of drinking coffee if you are feeling sick with a cold this season. 

Benefits Of Drinking Coffee For A Cold 

There are plenty of benefits to drinking coffee if you have a cold. Mainly, the caffeine in coffee can give you a boost, the hot liquid can help with your sinuses and throat, and coffee also contains many natural antioxidants. 

  • Antioxidants from coffee may help your immune system
  • Caffeine reduces pain and gives you energy 
  • Hot coffee, or any hot liquids, can help your sinuses drain
  • Breathing the steam from coffee may also soothe your sinuses

Drawbacks Of Drinking Coffee For A Cold 

It is also important to understand the drawbacks of drinking coffee to help with the symptoms of your cold. The main thing to remember is to consume coffee in moderation, stay hydrated, and be sure to prioritize your health when consuming caffeine from any kind of beverage. Also, if you have the stomach flu, coffee is not a good go-to beverage to consume. For the flu, your focus should probably be on replenishing your balance of electrolytes and consuming foods and beverages that will be gentle on your stomach. 

  • Drinking coffee when you have the flu may lead to stomach upset
  • Coffee contains caffeine, which is a stimulant that can prevent rest
  • If consumed in excess, caffeine can lead to dehydration, which will work against you if you are sick 

What about drinking coffee to get caffeine for a sinus headache?

According to UCLA Health, headaches can be caused by all sorts of different issues, and in some headache cases, the blood vessels dilate or swell, impacting surrounding brain tissues and triggering a pain response. With headaches like this, consuming caffeine may help to narrow these blood vessels and can reverse or alleviate headache pain. 

With sinus headaches, pressure is often felt around the eyes, in the forehead, or cheeks. Sinus headaches may be caused by sinusitis, inflammation, or sinus congestion. To alleviate these headaches, the sinuses must be cleared and the inflammation must be reduced. According to an article from Johns Hopkins Medicine, coffee contains certain antioxidants and caffeine that may work toward reducing internal inflammation. 


Is coffee good for a sore throat? 

If your throat hurts, can coffee help? Generally, the answer is yes. Warm liquids can help soothe a sore throat because they promote salivation and create a soothing sensory impact. Since coffee contains caffeine, it can also have pain-relieving properties. 

Final Thoughts on Drinking Coffee if You Have a Cold 

All in all, the caffeine, antioxidants, and heat from coffee can be helpful if you have a cold or are dealing with a scratchy throat from seasonal allergies. However, be sure to drink coffee in moderation, stay hydrated, eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and vitamin C, and prioritize your health in general. The trick is to enjoy your coffee in a balanced and healthy way. We highly recommend this Organic Peru Andes Gold coffee for those who are looking to enjoy their coffee fix while also prioritizing health and wellness! 


1. Study on caffeine and pain: Boppana S, Peterson M, Du A L, et al. (June 02, 2022) Caffeine: What Is Its Role in Pain Medicine?. Cureus 14(6): e25603. doi:10.7759/cureus.25603)


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