8 Reasons to Drink Coffee at Work

Let's face it, life can get busy when you have to work all the time! When you are in the middle of a hectic work day, it can be tempting to take a coffee break. But how good is this for you? Does coffee increase or decrease your productivity? Is it healthy to drink coffee at work? That is exactly what we are here to examine! 

According to life hackers and researchers, coffee can dramatically improve productivity and helps reduce fatigue. In fact, a recent National Institute of Health study revealed that coffee can help stave off dementia, reduce the likelihood of developing Alzheimer's, and may even help you remember important details. Plus, coffee is full of antioxidants. So, in moderation, drinking coffee at work can be a good thing!

With that in mind, here are 8 solid reasons that drinking coffee at work might be something worth looking into. 


1. Coffee may boost your attention span and brain power. 

It's important to be on the ball at work. Regularly drinking coffee appears to positively enhance your concentration. Not only can this help improve motor control and alertness, but according to some new studies, it may even create positive changes in the brain. A study in Scientific Reports concluded that coffee drinkers enjoyed increased activity in parts of their brains associated with improved focus and mental agility. 


2. Coffee may help reduce your chance of getting skin cancer. 

Whether you work inside or outside, keeping your skin healthy matters. According to a study from the American Institute for Cancer, those who consumed four cups of coffee regularly each day had a 20% lower risk of developing malignant melanoma. This is compared to non-coffee drinkers. In addition to this, according to a separate study, women who drank more than three cups of coffee a day were 20% less likely to develop BCC (basal cell carcinoma) compared to women who drank less than one cup of caffeinated coffee per month. 


3. Coffee can help prevent or reduce the symptoms of depression. 

A heavy workload can be quite a burden. Feeling burned out can make you feel bummed out! As such, you should do everything possible to lessen your risk of developing depression. Apart from consuming a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, and obtaining plenty of natural vitamin D from the sun, drinking coffee can help lessen depression symptoms. The anti-inflammatory properties of coffee and the natural adenosine-blocking properties of caffeine can help reduce the symptoms of depression. 


4. Coffee is a great source of antioxidants. 

Your health matters at work or at home. Did you know that coffee offers more antioxidant activity than cocoa or green tea? Scientists have identified around 1,000 different antioxidants present and unprocessed coffee beans. There are hundreds more antioxidant compounds developed when coffee is roasted as well. Antioxidants are fantastic for fighting the effects of aging and helping you stay healthy! 


5. Coffee is good for your liver. 

Keeping your liver healthy is very important, especially if you are feeling stressed out. Digesting caffeine produces a chemical called paraxanthine. Paraxanthine slows the growth of scar tissue implicated in fibrosis. This effect may help fight liver cancer, non-alcohol-related fatty liver disease, alcohol-related cirrhosis, and hepatitis c. 


6. Coffee breaks help your mind and stress levels. 

Feeling overwhelmed at work can lead to lots of unnecessary stress. As you know, stress is terrible for you physically and mentally. Taking a coffee break can help you regroup mentally. Since your mindset and your stress levels are directly correlated, taking a few minutes to have a relaxing coffee break can be good for your body and your mind. 


7. Coffee is a largely positive social habit. 

While everything must be consumed in moderation, coffee is generally a positive social habit. Drinking coffee with your co-workers allows you to bond and chat while also getting some much-needed downtime. Drinking coffee with your coworkers is a fantastic alternative to consuming alcohol. Unlike alcohol, coffee has plenty of antioxidant properties and heart-healthy benefits. Coffee may even lower uric acid levels in the body. 


8. Coffee can improve morale at the office. 

If you work in an office environment, coffee can be a great way to keep everyone's spirits up. This is especially true if you brew delicious coffee that everybody loves. Instead of getting the cheap stuff, consider making a pot of aromatic coffee with delicious flavor nuances that interest everyone in the office. You could even take a survey with your coworkers or employees and find out what flavors everyone likes the most! Then, get some of the best flavored coffee grounds or coffee pods in their favorite styles and brew up a pot during busy times at the office. 


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