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Organic Honduran Finca Santa Maria Coffee

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Organic Honduran Finca Santa Maria Coffee

Signature Gourmet Fair Trade Coffee From Yoro 


• Sourced responsibly from Honduras Foods

• Bold flavors and earthy bright tones 

• Deep in Honduran history

• A rich and enticing organic fair trade brew

• Light-medium roasted to perfection 

• Naturally processes and hand-selected 

• Choose from 8oz or 16oz bag sizes

• Whole bean, drip grind, French press, and espresso styles

• Fresh roasted and shipped on the day you order 


Delicious Honduran Finca Santa Maria Coffee

A deliciously balanced brew with bright earthy flavors and delicate sweet undertones, this light to medium-light roast coffee will brighten up your morning routine. It comes from fair trade coffee farmers deep in the province of Yoro. As a Honduran coffee, you will enjoy exotic flavor notes with balanced acidity for a wonderful brew! Additionally, the farmers who are responsible for growing these fair-trade beans benefit directly from coffee production. As such, these coffee beans are not only delicious but are also beneficial to the locals who grow them! So, you can feel good about every cup, espresso shot, or iced beverage you craft.


Cultivated in the Optimal Climate Conditions

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These Honduran Finca Santa Maria 'cafe organico' (coffee organic) beans are grown on a family-owned farm on the outskirts of the famous Honduran National Forest Preserve Pico Pijol near the province of Yoro. This gourmet coffee is grown at the highest elevations on the property. The combination of diverse shade trees, lush rainforest conditions, and the natural irrigation from spring waters provide the optimal microclimate to grow this Pacamara coffee. One Great Coffee takes great measures to ensure our customers that our organic coffees are the best available. This natural process coffee was hand-selected by a select group of highly trained coffee farmers, who can recognize the perfectly ripe cherries by their bright burgundy color and their sweet smell.


Order This Organic Honduran Coffee Right Here

Here at One Great Coffee, we offer these organic coffee beans in a range of formats. Choose from pure Organic Finca Santa Maria Coffee in French press grinds, drip grinds (ground), espresso grind formats, or whole. For the freshest coffee, we recommend buying these freshly roasted whole coffee beans and grinding them right before you brew. For cold brews or French press beverages, the french press format is also great. Our espresso grind is also great for fresh creamy espresso shots if you’re not in the mood to do your own grinding. Finally, the ground variation works great for standard drip grind coffee pots. When you place an order, we roast these beans fresh and package them immediately to ensure the highest quality possible! You can also choose between 8oz or 16oz bag sizes.


Enjoy Wholesome Goodness in Every Cup with this Delicious Organic Honduran Brew!  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Desmond Smith
Fantastic Espresso that happens to be organic

I could smell the fantastic coffee as soon as I opened the bag. What a fresh, bold and delicious coffee. I'm excited to have the ability to order a great coffee from my home-town, and enjoy an organic taste of home when I please.

As with any espresso bean, I had to dial in the shot to perfection. Once dialed in, I realized this is something special, and I will continue to buy. Bravo!

Patricia K
Another great coffee

I have tried many different Coffees from OneGreatCoffee. I had decided to try a “plain” coffee. I found this one to be a little on the bitter side to me, maybe because I’m used to drinking flavored coffee. But the aroma was unbelievable when it was dripping.

Richard Rubenstein
Excellent coffee.

I love this coffee. It is the best I can remember ever drinking.

Organic Bolivia La Paz

This is an excellent coffee - rich, full bodied and smooth with depth and milk chocolate notes on the edges

Karen Matthews
Medium Robust Coffee with a smooth finish.

We enjoyed this cup of coffee as it is somewhat more robust than the Santa Maria Finca variety. This coffee has a nice flavorful finish. Mesa de los Santos is a terrific brew to switch into and is a 'find' of a coffee in the repertoire of fine coffees on the collection.

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