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Organic Decaf 'Swiss Water' Peru Coffee

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Organic Peruvian Swiss Water Decaf Coffee

Try this Organic medium roast Swiss Water decaffeinated coffee from Peru! 

About this organic Peru Swiss Water decaf coffee:

• Organic Swiss Water decaffeinated coffee beans

• Singularly sourced from fair-trade coffee farms in Peru

• Naturally 99.9% caffeine-free without added chemicals

• Delicious smooth medium roast flavors

• Choose from a French press, espresso, or whole bean grind style

Fresh Fair Trade Peru Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee

If you have been searching for a deliciously smooth Peruvian decaf coffee to enjoy every day, look no further. This rich decaf coffee is made with Peruvian fair trade coffee beans that have been carefully Swiss Water process decaffeinated. Then, we medium roast each small batch of beans fresh! As such, you'll enjoy pure and bold flavors without any chemicals so you can sip away guilt-free!

An Amazing Decaf Coffee Solution

This Organic Decaf Swiss Water Peru Coffee is an ideal choice for those who are on a quest for organically grown coffee without chemicals or additives. This is also a great decaf coffee option for those who want to enjoy their daily brews without the effects of caffeine.

Organically Cultivated By Fair Trade Coffee Farmers

This Swiss Water decaffeinated coffee has been grown by fair trade coffee farmers using environmentally friendly practices. Each coffee tree is cultivated in the rich soil of Peru without man-made pesticides or fertilizers! Moreover, fair trade coffee supports local Peruvian coffee growth practices without harming the land or economy. So, if you've been looking for the perfect Swiss Water decaffeinated coffee that feels as good as it tastes, look no further!

Chemical-Free Swiss Water Processed Decaf Coffee Beans

After the coffee beans are hand-selected and harvested, they are decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Method. Swiss Water process decaffeinated coffee beans are entirely free of harmful additives. Swiss water process decaffeinated coffee removes the caffeine through a green coffee extract method. With a green coffee extract process, the freshly harvested green coffee beans are rinsed and washed rather than using artificial compounds and chemicals to decaffeinate them. Moreover, Swiss Water process decaffeinated coffee beans are still full of flavor. So, you can enjoy wholesome goodness down to the last drop!

Pure Medium Roast Flavors

These fresh Swiss Water process decaffeinated coffee beans are freshly medium-roasted in small batches. As such, each medium roast brew produces a clean and flavorful cup that is well-balanced and full-bodied. Additionally, this organic Peru Swiss Water decaffeinated coffee has no bitter aftertaste. Since the Swiss Water process removes bitterness like a dark roast, this medium roast is smooth and decadent to the last drop. It's the perfect Swiss water-processed decaf coffee in every sense! Indeed, you will not find any flaws in our cup!

Choose from Many Grinds and Decaf Coffee Bag Sizes

At One Great Coffee, we sell these Swiss Water Processed Decaf Medium Roast Fair Trade Coffee Beans in many bag sizes and grind styles! Choose from whole bean, ground, french press, and espresso grind styles in either 16 or 8 oz quantities! We also offer free shipping on qualifying decaf coffee orders! 

A Decadent Single-Origin Fair Trade Organic Peruvian Swiss Water Decaffeinated Brew You Don't Want to Miss!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Organic Swiss Water Decaf Whole Bean is hard to find. Especially nice to find one that tastes great and has a darker roast.

Martin Guillen
Swiss Decaf

Taste fabulous and knowing it’s Swiss water is a plus

Hi Martin,

Thank you so much for the great review and kind words!


Swiss decaf

Love it!!! Great smooth taste.


Delicious coffee — Very mild as we like it! Knowing it’s organic and Swiss water processed is a healthful benefit. Thanks for the great, fast delivery too. We’ll be ordering again!

Elizabeth Pasteur
Swiss Water Decaf

This coffee has a wonderful flavor! I'm usually not a big fan of decaf but I need to sleep at night.

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