What is Walnut Flavored Coffee?

Let's get to the heart of this whole hazelnut thing, shall we? At the One Great Coffee, the barista pumps syrup flavored into a regular cup of coffee. Is that the only way to get a sweet, nutty coffee bean? Of course, no! Here's a secret: If there is a syrup and it didn't come out of a maple tree, there is a better way to get that flavor. Chocolate syrup is tasty, but no tastier than real melted chocolate. The same goes for strawberry and caramel syrup. So why settle for the hazelnut flavor that comes out of a pump bottle like scented shampoo?

How flavors are made

Now we're not talking about flavored syrups, although that's one way to get some nut (almond, hazelnut) aromas in your coffee drink after it's poured. We refer to the type of flavoring that is applied directly to roasted beans and infused into them, the way to get really rich flavors that you enjoy.

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Nut-flavored coffee has been around for centuries, but at first unscrupulous coffee, vendors used them to mask the bitter taste of low-quality beans. Today, flavors complement and intensify the flavor of coffee, giving coffee lovers delicious coffees to enjoy. Flavoring coffees is both art and science because the average coffee bean has more than 800 compounds that contribute to its complex flavor. Powerful coffees, such as Sumatra and French roasts, are delicious on their own, but are generally too intense in flavor to be used for flavored coffee. Instead, growers use lighter roasted Arabica beans, which lend themselves well to adding flavors.

What is walnut flavored coffee?

There are three ways to achieve a cup of the best hazelnut coffee:

You can do it completely from scratch!

You can buy coffee beans with hazelnuts. In this case, the coffee roaster has already combined the flavors for you! It makes the process easier for you. Just add hot water and you're ready to drink! Prepare your coffee as you normally would and add hazelnut syrup.

Alpine monks are said to have come up with the idea of ​​walnut flavored coffee. At that time, there were many hazelnuts waiting to be used. The monks would crush the nuts and add them to the coffee to improve the flavor.


Whoever invented coffee with hazelnuts is still a big part of coffee culture in many countries. For years, it has remained among the most popular flavors. You will often find hazelnut coffee as a light roast. It is no longer necessary to toast the beans as we do not want to mask the smooth hazelnut flavor.

Now, there is an almost unlimited list of different types of hazelnut coffee! You can buy vanilla and hazelnut coffee, cinnamon and hazelnut, hazelnut chocolate and more.

How to make the best nutty flavored coffee from scratch?

The best thing about making your own is that you have full control. You can choose your own proportions of coffee beans and hazelnuts, and choose the type of beans you will use.

It takes some time and will require more equipment, although the reward is huge! Adding your own hazelnuts preserves their nutritional value. This means that your coffee will be swimming with vitamins, protein and healthy fats.

Will need:

  • Fresh and whole coffee beans.
  • Hazelnuts without salt and without shell
  • Hot water
  • French press
  • Grinder
  • Cup


- Grind your coffee beans and hazelnuts together. Add beans and nuts to a grinder. The perfect setting here would be very gross.

- Brewing. Then prepare the mixture in a French press as you normally would. Add beans and nuts to the French press and pour a little hot water to soak them. Then add the rest of the water and let it steep for about four minutes. Push down on the handle of the French press for brewing. The filter should take care of the hazelnut pieces you don't want.

- Pour and enjoy it. Pour into a hot mug for best results. You can add sugar, milk or foam if you want. Otherwise, drink black and appreciate the hints of hazelnut that sparkle.

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