What is Irish Cream? An Irish Cream Coffee Flavor Guide

Ever Wondered Exactly What Irish Cream Is? Here’s Everything You Could Ever Want to Know!

Decadent, flavorful, and perfect for making an array of sweet libations, Irish cream is a popular liqueur and beverage flavoring. Irish cream comes in all sorts of variations as well. Whether you want to learn more about Irish cream liquor or are trying to sort out the difference between Irish whiskey, Irish cream, and other Celtic-themed flavorings, you’re in the right spot.

In this guide, we'll go over everything you need to know about Irish Cream, why this flavor is unique, and whether it goes well with coffee! (Spoiler alert, it does!)

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So exactly what is Irish cream? 

Irish cream is a creamy liqueur with distinctive Irish whiskey flavors. Irish cream liqueur not only has a creamy taste, but unique alcohol notes and a notable caramel-cream-like aftertaste. The largest market for Irish Cream drinks (including Irish coffee) is Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Irish cream can also be an alcohol-free flavoring used as an extract or found in a sweetened drink syrup. 

Is Irish Cream actually from Ireland? 

While Irish cream is not a traditional Irish product (the first popularized version of Irish cream liqueur was Bailey's, which was developed by an Englishman in 1973 in London), Irish cream is now a protected European Union Geographical Indicator Product, meaning that it must be produced in Ireland. 

What are the Origins of Irish Whiskey Cream Liqueur?

So what is there to know about those European Irish cream origins? Well, as a cream liqueur, Irish Cream flavoring starts with the bold signature taste of Irish whiskey. Since this creamy liqueur is flavored primarily with notes of Irish whiskey, let’s examine where Irish whiskey comes from. 

In approximately 1,000 A.D., Irish monks well-practiced in the art of distilling perfume began creating aromatic spirits. These beverages were flavored with an array of herbs and ingredients including thyme, anise, lavender, and mint. This led to various craft spirits in Ireland over the next few centuries. 

The famous Irish whiskey that we know today was first written about in the 14th-century ad. However, Irish cream liqueurs became popularized in the 20th century, with Bailey's. Bailey's Irish cream liqueur was one of the first internationally distributed Irish cream liqueur drinks, gaining popularity in 1973 and remaining popular to this day.  

What brands of Irish cream liqueur are most popular? 

Some of the most popular Irish cream brands include Carolyn's, St Brendan's, Bailey's, KerryGold, and other versions manufactured by Diageo. 

How to drink Irish Cream? 

Irish Cream beverages are often served straight, made into mixed drinks (hot or frozen), or offered on the rocks. Oftentimes, Irish cream is combined with Kahlua, Irish coffee, hot chocolate, or White Russian drinks. Some use Irish cream in coffee or to flavor sweet treats and desserts as well. 

How to Make Irish Cream Coffee? 

There are many different ways to make Irish cream coffee. For a spiked brew, you can make regular strength coffee and enhance it with either heavy cream, milk, or half and half, and then add a splash of Bailey's Irish Cream Liqueur. Or, for something a little less boozy but just as flavorful, you can brew a pot of pre-flavored Irish cream coffee grounds (like those sold on OneGreatCoffee.Com) for a non-alcoholic, low-calorie treat. You can also add Irish cream syrup or creamer to your coffee or espresso drink. 

Does Irish cream flavor always contain liqueur? 

Although Irish cream is a type of alcohol, the answer is that no, Irish cream-flavored items do not always have liquor in them. Ergo, just because something is Irish cream flavored, this will not always indicate that there is indeed alcohol involved. Many flavored desserts, coffees, creamers, and syrups have the taste of Irish cream with zero alcohol content.

Irish Cream VS Kahlua VS Amaretto: What’s the Difference?

Many fans of coffee liqueurs (and drink syrup flavors) wonder what the differences between Kahlua, Irish cream, and amaretto are. Basically, all three complement an array of beverages, including coffee. However, these liqueurs have distinctive differences. Bailey's, for instance, is a milky, light-colored type of Irish cream liqueur with a sweet, creamy Irish whiskey taste (and base). 

In contrast, Kahlua is a darker-colored liqueur with less creaminess and a bold, more tropical rum base. Amaretto is clear and syrupy, with no creaminess and instead, a sweet, strong, almond-like flavor. 

Final Thoughts: What Else to Know About Irish Cream

So there you have it! Now you know all kinds of interesting things about Irish cream liqueur, Irish cream flavors, and the origins of Irish whiskey. But what about Irish cream coffees and teas?  You can shop for some of the finest fresh-roasted flavored Irish Cream Coffee and Irish Breakfast Tea online at www.OneGreatCoffee.Com!

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