The Coffee Detective Review

               The Coffee Detective 

The Coffee Detective

Coffee, for most people, is the daily ritual of a drive-through and a paper cup, then trying to drink your coffee while driving, focusing mainly on not spilling. However, my days off is where Coffee has always been something different for me. It is a pleasure that I enjoy with friends and family, bonding over the flavors of a great coffee. This Whiskey Barrel Coffee is designed to create that coffee experience for everyone

One Great Coffee Bourbon Whiskey Flavored beans are smooth, full-bodied powerhouse of flavor. The vanilla and smoky flavors of the coffee flow perfectly into the complex whiskey finish. This Roast was obviously created to bring people together around a new experience rooted in a shared passion for classic coffee and whiskey flavors. Experience this BOLD, but smooth coffee, with a hint of bourbon on the finish that makes for an amazing everyday coffee!

Taste Profile: Rich Chocolate, Caramel, and Mandarin Orange flavors of the Coffee are combined with the Sweet Bourbon and Oak flavors extracted from the once used Bourbon Whiskey Barrel. This sweet and smooth taste profile is one which I know you will enjoy.

Recommended brewing method is "french press" for optimum flavor.…/bourbon-whiskey-flavored-coffee

The Coffee Detective

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