What is Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee? Here's What to Know!

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee: A Coffee Connoisseur's Guide

Coffee lovers are always looking for something new and delicious to try. It's a good thing that coffee beans come in many sizes, flavors, and styles! But what about different colors of coffee? Do blue coffee beans exist? What is Blue Mountain coffee, anyway? 


While Blue Mountain Coffee from Jamaica is NOT blue in color, it is fascinating! Many coffee aficionados already know about the delicious benefits of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. If you haven't heard of it before, you're in the right place. 


Below, we will go over everything to know about mysterious Blue Mountain Coffee from Jamaica. We’ll also go over a few FAQs about the existence of different colored coffee beans to clear up any confusion. 


About Blue Mountain Coffee from Jamaica 

As the name indicates, Blue Mountain Coffee is a variety of Arabica Typica coffee from the exclusive tropical Blue Mountain region in Jamaica. To be classified as real Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, these beans can only be grown in one very small region. This particular variety of coffee is known for its rarity, quality, and unique flavor. 


How long has Blue Mountain Coffee existed and what is it used for? 

Blue Mountain Coffee plants were introduced to Jamaica in the year 1728. Over the last twenty years, this coffee has become famous around the world. These days, 80% of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee beans are exported directly to Japan. Blue mountain beans are also used as a base for Tia Maria coffee liqueur. Blue mountain beans can be brewed like any other coffee and used in lattes, espresso, or standard cups of Joe. 


Does Blue Mountain Coffee need to be certified? 

Today, Blue Mountain Coffee from Jamaica is globally protected and must be certified by the Jamaica Commodities Regulatory Authority. This division was previously known as the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica. As such, genuine Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee will be certified in some way. Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee that isn’t certified likely isn’t the real deal. 


Features of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Certified Blue Mountain Coffee is harvested from a tiny region in Jamaica. High in the mountains, local coffee farmers grow small lots of coffee with extreme care and consideration. Special irrigation and soil treatment processes are used to ensure each coffee plant receives special levels of attention. Additionally, the dense cloud cover and lush growing conditions of the Blue Mountains allow the coffee cherries to mature under nearly optimal circumstances. 


Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Flavor Notes

Blue Mountain Coffee is known for being incredibly smooth and having a soft mouthfeel. The beans are praised for having mild flavors and a lack of bitterness. This coffee also showcases a bright acidity that is not overpowering. Some attribute chocolate and herbal notes to this coffee. Many described it as being mellow and easy to drink. 


Real Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Is:

  • Smooth and mellow 
  • Delicate with a light acidity 
  • Velvety in mouthfeel 
  • High-grown in the Jamaican Blue Mountain region 
  • Certified by the JCRA (previously the Coffee Industry Board)


• Is this Jamaican type of coffee bean blue?

These beans are not blue in color. Rather, they are sourced from the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica. The Blue Mountains look blue from a distance. This is due to dense cloud coverage and lush plant growth.


• Is there such a thing as blue coffee? What colors do coffee beans come in, anyway?

So is there actually such a thing as blue-colored coffee? Sort of. The answer to this question is a long one. A few types of unroasted coffee beans are gray or bluish in color due to aging, fermentation, and preservation methods. Most coffee beans are yellow or green in color before roasting, with a few exceptions.

Indian Monsoon Malabar Coffee, for instance, is very light in color before the roasting process. It is sometimes described as Bali Blue Moon coffee. This is because of its wet growing conditions and fermentation. Fermented green coffee beans may look bluish or grayish but will later turn brown when roasted. 

So, if you are expecting to open a bag of coffee beans that are blue in color, you might be disappointed. You can order “green” (unroasted) coffee, but it won’t taste very good until it’s roasted anyway. While you can drink green coffee and grind green coffee beans, you might be better off just making tea. Green coffee brews are grassy and herbal, with sharp acidity. 

What to do if you want blue coffee from home? 

Some people want to try “blue coffee beans” because they believe the flavor will be smoother, lighter, and mellower. While this is true to some extent, it still comes down to the roasting process. We recommend ordering Blue Mountain Coffee in a medium or dark roast. 

The darker your coffee beans are roasted, the smoother their flavors will be. You might think that a lighter roast will be lighter in acidity, but it’s actually the opposite. Light or “blond” roast coffee is higher in acidity and has more caffeine content. If you want a smooth, mellow, sweet cup of low-acid coffee, opt for a dark roast. 

How to get blue-colored coffee? 

If you want a latte that’s blue in color, there are some options out there. A vegan cafe in Melbourne makes a blue algae latte that has a sour taste and is apparently really great for your health. However, this drink does not contain coffee. You can make this at home using Blue Spirulina, ginger, and coconut milk. 


• Why is Jamaican coffee popular? 

Jamaican Coffee is popular because the altitude and forest cover provide the ideal climate and growing conditions for coffee cherries. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is an Arabica species with smooth and natural flavor nuances that are delicately mellow and perfectly bright. 


• Where are the Blue Jamaica mountains?

These mountains are located in Eastern Jamaica The blue mountain range in Jamaica extends for 30 miles from Stony Hill to the Caribbean Sea. These mountains are covered with trees and dense ferns. The highest mountain peak in the Blue Mountains range is 7,402 ft. 


• Where to buy Blue Mountain coffee? 

There are many online retailers of Blue Mountain Coffee. We highly recommend choosing a reputable online retailer with great customer service reviews like OneGreatCoffee.Com. One Great Coffee sells a range of Blue Mountain varieties in various blends. For Pure Estate Blue Mountain Coffee, follow this link. It's some of the best 100% pure Jamaican estate coffee for sale online!


Final Thoughts on Blue Mountain Coffee 

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee comes from the Blue Mountains in Jamaica and is famous because of its rarity, smooth taste, and exclusivity. These beans are not blue in color. Although, they are a light greenish color before they are roasted.

For the smoothest taste, opt for a medium or dark roast. This removes acidity and breaks down the natural oils. Buy Blue Mountain Coffee Online here!


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