Is Coffee Good for Your Heart?

Can drinking coffee prevent heart problems? Here's what to know! 

As Valentine's Day approaches, those cute little red hearts seem to be all over the place. But what about your heart? Is coffee good for your heart and can drinking coffee every day help prevent heart failure? According to an article published on, drinking one or two cups of coffee each day may indeed help to ward off heart failure. Below, we will explore why this is and more! 

All About Coffee’s Cardio Benefits

Coffee has many health benefits. However, few are aware that drinking coffee can actually be good for your cardiovascular health. According to the American College of Cardiology, consuming two or three cups of coffee per day has a direct correlation with heart health and maintenance. 

Indeed, drinking coffee, especially if you are drinking two or three cups a day, is associated with a lower risk of developing heart disease. Moreover, coffee seems to correlate with more regular heart rhythms and living a longer life overall. 

These findings were presented at the American College of Cardiology during the 71st Annual Scientific Session. The pattern of drinking coffee and heart health holds true for people with and without cardiovascular issues. So, whether you have a healthy heart already or have been struggling with cardiovascular disease, drinking coffee could help you get healthier. 

Additionally, according to these studies, drinking coffee does not have any negative effects on existing cardiovascular disease. This means that even if you already have heart problems, drinking coffee will not worsen them. Researchers even went as far as to provide reassurance that coffee may actually be protective for those struggling with heart disease. 

Some people notice that coffee quickens their heart rate and worry that it could trigger or worsen heart issues. That is why general medical advice sometimes advises people to stop drinking coffee. But according to the data cited above from the American College of Cardiology, drinking coffee should not be discouraged. Rather, it should be encouraged. 

Here’s a quote from Peter M. Kistler, MD, the lead researcher on this project: 

“Because coffee can quicken heart rate, some people worry that drinking it could trigger or worsen certain heart issues. This is where general medical advice to stop drinking coffee may come from. But our data suggest that daily coffee intake shouldn’t be discouraged, but rather included as a part of a healthy diet for people with and without heart disease.”  He also went on to say, “There is a whole range of mechanisms through which coffee may reduce mortality and have these favorable effects on cardiovascular disease. Coffee drinkers should feel reassured that they can continue to enjoy coffee even if they have heart disease. Coffee is the most common cognitive enhancer—it wakes you up, makes you mentally sharper and it’s a very important component of many people’s daily lives.”

While it is always important to consult your doctor before consuming caffeine or changing your diet and exercise routine if you struggle with cardiovascular disease, it seems that coffee may be a very beneficial addition. 

How is Coffee Good for Your Heart?

But exactly how does coffee benefit your heart? Many people equate coffee and caffeine. However, coffee beans have a lot more than just caffeine in them. In fact, they contain more than 100 different biologically active compounds.

Substances found in coffee can reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, improve insulin sensitivity, inhibit the guts absorption of fat, boost the metabolism, block heart degenerative receptors, and more. 

Do What Works for Your Lifestyle and Health

Don’t just take our word for it either. Do your own research and check out the study for yourself here. Remember, a lot of important limitations go into these studies and it is critical to take medical advice that you can trust which is specific to your lifestyle, weight, and current cardiovascular health. Also, keep in mind that drinking coffee with added sugar or milk is not the same as drinking black coffee when it comes to heart health. 

Still, if you have been wondering whether coffee might be good for your heart, health, energy, and weight, many studies exist that say, yes, it definitely seems to be. This is great news for everyone here at OneGreatCoffee.Com looking to lead a healthier lifestyle! 

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