How to make coffee ice cubes? Helpful Tips and Recipe Ideas

Easy Coffee Ice Cube Recipe: Tasty Hints to Stay Cool This Summer 

Have you been wondering how to make coffee ice cubes? Homemade coffee ice cubes are very easy to make and can revolutionize the way you enjoy your iced coffee this summer. These frozen coffee cubes are perfect with milk, iced coffee, cold brew, or various flavorings and sweeteners. Refreshing, energizing, and delicious, what better way to cool down on a summer day? Here, we will discuss how to make coffee ice cubes easily with step-by-step instructions, a simple recipe, and a few other helpful hints for delicious frozen coffee. 

How to Make Coffee Ice Cubes: Easiest Recipe 

Here's a simple recipe that you can use to make bold, flavorful, and delicious coffee ice cubes. 


  • Ice Cube Tray 
  • Coffee (This Coffee is a Fantastic Choice) 
  • Water (Filtered is Best 
  • Coffee Maker, Espresso Machine, or Keurig 
  • Sweetener if Desired

Step 1: Brew Up Some Strong Coffee

First things first, you'll need to make some coffee to freeze into cubes. Most ice cube trays hold about 30 ml of liquid per square. So, if your ice cube tray has 16 squares, that’s about 16 liquid ounces needed to fill one tray. It's best to use filtered water to make your coffee ice cubes, this will ensure they taste great as they melt into beverages. 

Making multiple coffee ice cube trays at once is a smart way to save time, and four ice cube trays should hold about 60 oz (8 cups) from a coffee pot. If you are using a Keurig machine, Nespresso maker, or another type of coffee maker, you can brew one or two cups of coffee at a time. Just remember to make your coffee nice and strong so that the ice cubes have a bold coffee taste. 

As a rule, use a ratio of 50% more to twice as many coffee grounds in your coffee pot when brewing coffee to freeze into ice cubes. You can also use instant coffee if you wish, however, coffee grounds tend to yield a more authentic flavor when brewed. 

Step 2: Cool the Coffee Off a Bit and Pour it Into the Trays

If you're using plastic or silicone ice cube trays, it's a good idea to let your coffee cool off a little bit before pouring it into each tray. This will keep the hot coffee from melting or warping your ice cube trays. You don't need to let the coffee reach room temperature, just let it cool down enough so that it won't damage your ice cube trays. 

Step 3: Freeze for Three to Four Hours

Now, simply pop those ice cube trays in the freezer and let them chill for 3 to 4 hours. Once your ice cubes are frozen solid, you can use them to make all sorts of delicious cold coffee drinks this summer! 

Step 4: Store Your Cubes to Extend Their Life 

Once your coffee ice cubes are ready, you can pop them out and put them in a big plastic Ziploc bag in your freezer. This will help them last longer and taste fresher, without absorbing any funny tastes from your freezer. Frozen and bagged coffee ice cubes can last for about 6 months! (If you leave them in the ice cube tray uncovered, they will be good for about a week.) 

More Ideas for Coffee Ice Cubes and Recipes

Now, let's go over some tasty ideas for coffee ice cubes! These versatile caffeinated ice cubes can be used for all sorts of tasty drinks. They can also enhance iced coffee and cold brew beverages nicely. 

Sweetened Coffee Ice Cubes

Sweetened or flavored coffee ice cubes can be a great option if you need some caffeine on the go during the hot summer months. If you want to sweeten your coffee ice cubes, simply add flavoring syrup or sugar to your hot liquid coffee before pouring it into the ice cube trays. 

You can also sweeten coffee ice cubes by making them with hot coffee and condensed milk! Coffee ice cubes made with sweetened condensed milk are an amazing choice for mixing with cold-brew coffee

Flavored Coffee Ice Cubes

Another option is to make coffee ice cubes at home using flavored coffee. This is a fantastic option for people who want a little something special in their at-home iced coffee drinks, cold brew beverages, or milky iced lattes. Check out this list of awesome flavored coffee options roasted fresh and sold online! 

Easy Frozen Coffee Cube Drink with Milk 

Adding frozen coffee ice cubes to the milk of your choosing is an easy way to make a fast and simple 2-step latte. If you are planning on making iced lattes with coffee ice cubes, be sure that your coffee ice cubes are nice and strong. Some people prefer to freeze espresso instead of regular coffee for a bolder taste. 

Once your coffee or espresso ice cubes are frozen solid, add them to a glass or tumbler. About ¾ of the way full should be enough. Then, pour in milk until it reaches the top of the ice cubes. You can add whipped cream, sweeteners, simple syrup, or cold foam as desired! 

Making a Coffee Ice Cube Macchiato 

For a coffee ice cube macchiato, make your coffee ice cubes with this caramel coffee. Then, line your coffee cup with caramel sauce. Add the coffee cubes, pour in milk, and top everything with whipped cream and an extra drizzle of caramel sauce. 

Craft White Mocha Iced Coffee at Home

You can use coffee ice cubes to make an amazing white chocolate iced latte from the comfort of your home in just a couple of minutes. Make your coffee ice cubes using this white chocolate-flavored coffee. In a glass, add one cup of milk and one scoop of Ghirardelli Sweet Ground White Chocolate Flavor Powder. Then, simply fill the glass the rest of the way with your flavored white chocolate coffee cubes and top with whipped cream!


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