Highlander Brewing Masters Guide: All About Highlander Grogg Coffee

Highlander Brewing Masters: All About Highlander Grogg Coffee

Fall is on the way, and that means it's time to talk about warm, spiced coffees. One of my favorite brews to warm the cockles of the heart is unquestionably Highlander Grogg. Below, I'll walk you through everything you need to know about the Highlander Grogg flavor profile and why you should definitely consider giving this delicious Scotland-inspired highlander brew a try. 


My Personal Grogg Coffee Backstory

I remember the first time I ever tried Highlander Grogg coffee. It was early on a misty morning in October and I was half awake at a gas station somewhere in the middle of Wyoming. Luckily, this particular travel stop had a great coffee selection. It was here that I first tried Highlander Grogg coffee. I was instantly hooked!


The warm sultry flavors perfectly complemented the cold, misty morning on the vast northern plains. However, as great as gas station coffee is, I soon found myself craving a better option. Where could I buy fresh Highlander Grogg coffee of my own? 


After checking around at grocery stores, I realized that my dreams of fine Highlander Grogg would not be realized anytime soon. Luckily, those days are gone. Now, I get my Highlander Grogg coffee right here. This is easily one of my favorite flavored brews from One Great Coffee. Now, let's talk about the history of this coffee flavor and its delicious profile!


Overview of Highlander Grogg Coffee

As one of the most popular traditions of the Highlands in Scotland, Grogg coffees are famous for showcasing smooth flavors and hints of brandy or scotch. Grog is a term that is used for a range of alcoholic beverages. The word Grog originally referred to diluted rum drink often made by sailors on long sea voyages.


The very word "Grog" conjures images of Vikings, mead, seafaring adventurers, and Scottish warriors. Personally, I like imagine this is the kind of coffee that Mel Gibson's character in Braveheart drank. (Yeah yeah, I know, he was too busy fighting wars with the English to brew fancy coffee.) But I digress.


Highlander Grogg coffee takes this term and uses it as a platform for an inspired, richly refreshing, and bold coffee to keep you warmed from inside out and going strong through your day. Suffice to say, it's pretty awesome!


What is Bones coffee highland grog?

Bones Highland Grog coffee is a popular spiced rum and caramel variation of a Highlander coffee. If you like this coffee flavor, you should definitely consider trying our Highlander brew options. We also have a Black Velvet-inspired brew that you might want to try! We sell our pure Arabica Highlander coffee in either ground, whole bean, or French press options, unlike our competitors. Also, unlike the competition, our coffee is freshly roasted and infused with gourmet flavor on the day your order ships! This makes for a high-quality, bold flavor experience like nothing you have ever enjoyed before. Plus, we offer coffee rewards benefits to save you money when you come back for more! 


Making The Best Grog Coffee Cup

Our Highlander Grogg coffee is extremely easy to make. If you order a standard drip grind bag of coffee, just brew as usual in your kitchen (or at the office if you want new friends). If you order our whole bean Highlander Grogg coffee, we recommend that you grind it fresh for a delicious way to wake up! We also recommend always brewing this coffee fresh for the best possible flavors. After all, at One Great Coffee, this brew is roasted, infused, ground, and shipped directly to you so that you can get it in the freshest format! All coffee orders are prepped on the same day they are shipped for the most deliciously fresh experience every time. 


What flavor is Highlander Grogg?

Highlander Grogg coffee is unique and delicious. It implements a blend of aromatic vanilla, rum, toffee, butterscotch, spices, and brown sugar notes. The flavor is reminiscent of a Misty highland moor in Scotland. This coffee is fresh, rich, and incredibly smooth. Those deep vanilla rum notes add a refreshing taste to this unforgettable brew. 

Our signature Highlander Grogg coffee delivers a taste of Scotland to your coffee cup. Combining the flavors of butterscotch, rum, spices, and just a hint of vanilla. This signature blend is one of our best-selling flavors! Try it yourself and see why. 


  • Scottish flavor coffee with notes of brandy, brown sugar, maple spice, vanilla, and butterscotch
  • A heat-sealed valve bag will ensure the freshest coffee possible in every order
  • Low acidity with a refreshingly smooth aftertaste for an unparalleled coffee experience
  • Almost no calories or carbohydrates but plenty of antioxidants and rich flavors 
  • Genuine flavoring oils and extracts are hand-blended with care in each small batch 
  • Each order is roasted fresh on the day we ship it to you
  • Available in either 8 oz sample size 16 oz full-size options
  • Grind level options are French press, standard ground, or whole bean
  • Made with the 100% Grade One Arabica Coffee Beans
  • Choose from regular or decaf options for any time of the day 
  • This smooth coffee offers the perfect combination of flavors for a decadent experience in every sip


This brew showcases carefully blended essences of Scottish Brandy, a sassy bit of spice, and a signature mix of smooth buttery maple flavors with refreshing vanilla. Plus, it has been made with 100% premium Arabica beans and some of the finest flavor oils and extracts around. Truly, it has never been easier to enjoy freshly roasted coffee with a little Scottish culture every day!


Where to Buy Grog now? 

You can buy some of the best Highlander Grogg coffee right here. Simply follow this link and place your order! Choose decaf Highlander Grogg, regular Highlander Grogg, ground Highlander Grogg, whole bean Highlander Grogg, or French Press Highlander Grogg options! We also sell a delicious Holiday Grogg!


We've got it all. One again, our tasty grog coffee will be freshly roasted on the same day that it is shipped to you for the most decadent flavors available anywhere. Don’t miss this delicious Highlander Grogg Coffee Flavor! It's definitely worth a try if you like new brews. 

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  • Tim

    I agree- Highlander Grogg coffee can be real hard to find and I’m glad they sell it here. My wife put me on to it. I like how smooth it goes down. Good stuff.

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