Can You Use Coffee to Loose Weight?

Coffee Diet Guide for Weight Loss and Energy

Ever wondered if you could drink coffee while on a diet? Or, maybe you wonder about coffee and fasting. It may be helpful to know that coffee can work as an energy booster and appetite suppressant. So, if you are trying to lose weight, go ahead and have a cup of coffee! As long as you aren't adding cream or sugar, it is absolutely fine to consume. 


Can Coffee Help You Lose Weight?

If you are anything like me, coffee is an integral part of your daily routine. I can't imagine waking up and doing my job without a fresh cup of delicious coffee at my desk! However, as swimsuit season started to approach, I realized it may be time to drop a few pounds. As I contemplated cutting out carbohydrates and sugar, I started to wonder if dieting meant giving up my favorite caffeine routine. 

After conducting tons of research about coffee and dieting, I found out that coffee is not only fine to drink on essentially every diet but may actually help you lose weight to boot! Below, I will walk you through everything that I found out about how coffee can help you lose weight. 


How Does Coffee Help You Lose Weight? 

I knew that coffee could take away your appetite. However, I wasn't aware that coffee can actually help your body break down fat more easily! I also never considered how much of an energy boost caffeine can give you if you are about to exercise. Here are the ways that coffee can help you lose weight.


1. Coffee Has Chlorogenic Acid, Which Helps Your Body Break Down Fat 

First of all, coffee contains Chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid stimulates your body to break down fats more efficiently. This means that you can lose weight faster! Moreover, caffeine helps your body increase lipase. This is an enzyme that helps you break down fat during digestion. 


2. You Can Access Coffee Appetite Suppressant Effects

Next, coffee suppresses the appetite. The same Chlorogenic acids that help you break down fat actually make you less hungry. This is great news for anyone trying to cut down on calories. Although raw coffee beans are the most abundant source of Chlorogenic acid, there is still plenty present in freshly roasted coffee. The fresher, the better. That is great news if you shop somewhere like OneGreatCoffee.Com!

All of the coffee sold at One Great Coffee is freshly roasted on the same day that your order is shipped. This means that the coffee you order online from this site will probably be much fresher than coffee that has been sitting on a shelf at your local grocery store. 


3. Coffee Can Increase Your Metabolic Rate 

You can enjoy a range of coffee metabolism benefits too. Caffeine can increase your metabolic rate by up to 11%! The higher your metabolic rate, the easier it will be to burn fat. 


4. Caffeine from Coffee Can Boost Your Energy and Performance

Exercise and coffee go hand in hand. Drinking an 8-12 oz cup of coffee 15 minutes before a brisk walk, yoga session, or any other workout can help you burn extra calories. This is because caffeine is anti-inflammatory and gives you energy. So, you will be more energetic and in less pain. As such, your performance will be better. Whether you are walking around the block or using an elliptical, coffee can give you a helpful boost!


• Is Coffee Okay on Atkins or Keto?

Yes, black coffee with no added sugar is fine on Atkins or Keto diets! In fact, both of these diets recommend adding a source of protein to your coffee as well. For instance, if you are on the Atkins diet, you can add heavy whipping cream to your coffee since it does not contain any carbohydrates. 


• What About Drinking Coffee When Fasting?

Intermittent fasting is an effective way to lose weight quickly. People fast for many reasons and certain health benefits can be achieved when fasting correctly. Religious fasts are important for many people. Moreover, dietary fasts are becoming more and more popular in the United States.

Fortunately, coffee is fine on most medical intermittent fasting regimens. As long as you are not adding sugar or cream to your coffee, your body will be able to produce ketones to help you lose weight. 

For religious fasting, whether you drink coffee will be up to you. Many people who are fasting from certain foods find that coffee and tea help maintain their energy. 


Wrapping Things Up 

Whether you are trying to shed a few pounds to fit into your pants, look good for swimsuit season, or need to lose weight for medical reasons, coffee can be an effective and tasty solution. Be sure not to add sugar or cream to your coffee if you are trying to cut calories and always follow your doctor's advice when dieting. 

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What are your coffee diet tricks? Leave your comments below!

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