Does decaf coffee taste different?

Wondering what the difference between decaf versus regular coffee is? Let’s go over everything you need to know! 

For many people, the best part of waking up is a cup of fresh coffee. However, the nuanced flavor of coffee can be more than just a helpful way to get going in the morning. For many of us, those coffee cravings can continue throughout the day! So what if you want a nice hot cup of joe after 5 PM? That's where decaf comes in! 

Despite the popularity of decaf coffee, many people don't understand the difference in its flavor or how decaf caffeine content works. Here, we will go over a few things to know about decaf coffee vs regular coffee so that you can pick the ideal Java options for your precise needs! 

Decaf VS Regular: is the taste of decaf coffee different? 

Overall, decaf coffee tastes nearly identical to regular-strength caffeinated coffee. Most would agree that the taste is pretty much exactly the same. Decaf flavor profiles can be creamy, rich, citrusy, chocolatey, and pretty much everything in between. 

However, since decaf coffee is mostly free of caffeine, it does tend to have a slightly subtler astringency. Many would say that this is the main difference in taste when compared to regular coffee. Also, some people find that decaf coffee is slightly smoother than regular coffee. It all comes down to the type of decaf coffee you get and how sensitive your palette is. 

Is there caffeine in decaf coffee? 

According to experts, the caffeine in decaf coffee is negligible and it can actually be good for your health. Decaf coffee is usually between 97% and 99% free of caffeine. The caffeine is removed during a decaffeinating process. An 8 oz cup of decaf coffee usually contains between 5 and 10 mg of caffeine. Alternatively, a regular cup of caffeinated coffee can contain anywhere from 65 to 155 mg of caffeine. So, decaf coffee caffeine levels are about 1/10 the strength of regular coffee. 

A cup of decaf coffee also contains about 70% less caffeine than a cup of green tea. So, if you love the flavor of coffee but don't want to get the jitters or be left lying awake at night, decaf is a fantastic option! 

Can decaf keep you awake?

It is unlikely that decaffeinated coffee will keep you awake. Although decaffeinated coffee does contain trace levels of caffeine (usually less than 7 mg per cup) this is not enough to give you that “Wide Awake” feeling. Unless you are highly sensitive to caffeine, decaf coffee will not keep you up and its caffeine content is inconsequential. 

Is There Such a Thing as Decaf Espresso?

Yep, decaf espresso is a thing! Reputable online coffee roasters (like this one) sometimes even sell freshly roasted decaffeinated espresso beans. Since espresso beans are generally just normal Arabica coffee beans that have been roasted to a specific darkness level and then ground extra fine for use in espresso machines, you can also make your own decaf espresso with organic coffee beans. To do this, just order organic decaf coffee beans and grind them to a fine espresso powder to use in an espresso maker. 

Where To Get The Best Decaf Coffee? 

For delicious decaffeinated coffee that has a smooth taste and will not keep you awake at night, we highly recommend checking out these impressive (and deliciously flavored) decaf Arabica coffee blends! That way, you can enjoy the smooth, creamy flavor of coffee freshly roasted to order without feeling any negative caffeine side effects. 

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