Direct Trade and Micro-Lot Coffees

Direct Trade and Micro-Lot Coffees

What to Know About This Extraordinary Fair-Trade Coffee

Have you been looking for a truly extraordinary cup of coffee? If so, direct trade or micro-lot coffee is the way to go. Direct-trade coffee is so much more than simply coffee that comes directly from the source to the buyer. Micro lot coffees are famous for their distinctive flavors and excellent growing methods. In this blog, we’ll take a look at micro-lot and direct-trade coffee so that you can understand why these types of coffee beans are often so highly prized. 


What Is Direct Trade Coffee?

Direct trade means that the coffee is grown and shipped from plantations to roasters without any stops in-between. Since this coffee has a direct path to the consumer, it tends to stand out from other options on the market. In most cases, direct trade coffee is also fairly traded coffee.


"Fair Trade" coffee means that the farmers receive a fair wage for their crops. With Fair Trade coffee, small coffee plantations can better direct their resources towards improving growth practices while benefiting local communities, families, and farms. 


Direct-trade coffee beans often come from one single-origin plantation. In many instances, direct trade beans are also grown slowly and sustainably with care. As such, this kind of coffee is usually fully organic. Because of this, the coffee tends to be fresher and of a higher quality than what you would find in any grocery store. By cutting out the middleman, direct trade beans make amazing coffees that are fresh and loaded with natural antioxidants. 


Direct trade cherries usually get harvested and then sent to specialty importers or roasters. Our direct trade coffees come straight from specialty coffee regions in different countries all over the world. They are shipped to our expert roasters and then directly to you. This means that your direct trade beans will be roasted on the same day that they are shipped your way. 


What is Micro-Lot Coffee?

Micro-lot coffees are often grown by small-scale farmers without the use of chemicals or pesticides. These small-batch coffees are organic and usually produced by small-scale coffee growers who use natural methods to modify and tend to the soil on each small lot where the coffee trees are grown.


By paying farmers higher wages, the coffee trees can be carefully cultivated in their original growing region. As such, micro-lot coffee supports economic development and helps to keep the global coffee community thriving. 


Why Aren’t More Coffees Produced Using Fair Trade, Micro Lot, or Direct Trade Methods?

The only reason that direct trade and micro-lot, fair trade coffee isn't more prevalent in chain stores is that large corporations prefer to have shelf-stable products for profit-driven reasons. In short, small-batch coffee competes with corporate greed. However, with the rise of online retail coffee sales, anyone can access direct trade or micro-lot coffee at a fair price. 


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