The Best Colombian Coffee: Colombian Coffee Beans Guide

The Best Colombian Coffee: Colombian Coffee Beans Guide

Looking for the best Colombian coffee? We don't blame you! Colombian coffee beans are known for having smooth flavors and bold aromas. Plus, these Arabica-type coffee beans produce a rich cup with a decadent mouthfeel. With that being said, there are many types of coffee from Colombia to sort through. So how to figure out what the best Colombian coffee is? That’s what this guide is here to help with. That way, you can finally access the best Colombian coffee for yourself. 

By the way, if you want to try some of the tastiest fresh-roasted single-origin Colombian coffee now, just click this link! We sell fresh Colombia Supremo 'La Valle Verde' Coffee in two sizes and four different grinds. Plus, we ship it the same day we roast it to give you the most delicious flavor nuances in every sip. Now, let’s get into the types of Colombian coffee and talk about why this particular type of coffee is so coveted. 

What's Good About Colombian Coffee? Why is it the World's Favorite?

If you have ever visited South America, you know that there is one thing that everybody remembers to bring back home to their friends and family: fresh Colombian coffee straight from the source. South America is famous for its lush mountain ranges, expansive rainforest, and producing some of the best-tasting coffee anywhere in the world. So why exactly is Colombian coffee so famous? What is so special about these particular coffee beans? 

Defining Colombian Coffee

To understand why Colombia’s coffee beans are so popular, you first have to understand what exactly Colombian coffee is. Colombian coffee isn't just a type of drink like a latte or an espresso. Colombian coffee is made of Arabica coffee beans that have been grown and exported from farmlands or plantations located in Colombia. 

Pure Arabica Beans vs Robusta Colombian Beans

So what are Arabica beans? Well, the three main types of coffee beans in the world are Robusta, Arabica, and Liberica. Out of these three, Arabica coffee beans are unanimously preferred. This is because these large, oval-shaped beans contain lots of lipids. They’re the smoothest and sweetest tasting of all the coffee bean types. 

Although Robusta coffee beans are hardier, and thus, cheaper to grow than Arabica beans, they simply do not have the same complexity or smoothness in taste. Overall, Arabica beans are not as bitter as Robusta coffee beans, and most people prefer them over anything else. Colombian Arabica beans are particularly good. You can read more about Arabica coffee beans here

Colombia Produces Deliciously Smooth and Aromatic Arabica Beans with Mild Citrus Notes

Colombian Arabica coffee is popular because it is extremely aromatic with a rich taste and a mild flavor. Many describe the flavors as smooth and slightly citrusy with silky undertones and nutty nuances. Colombian coffees go well with a splash of cream but can also be enjoyed in a pure, “black” format. 

Since most of the coffee from this country is made with only pure Arabica coffee beans, you can expect every cup to be silky and flavorful. Without any additional bitterness, these coffee beans are perfect for people who appreciate subtle flavor nuances and a smooth overall taste! 

Guide to Choosing the Best Colombian Coffee Beans

Keeping the above information in mind, for the best possible coffee beans from Colombia, it is important to know what types of beans you are getting. You should consider factors like purity, cultivation style, and growing region. Where is your Colombian coffee sourced from? Is it a pure Arabica blend or has it been mixed with Robusta beans? Was it grown on a mountainside or in a valley? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you ensure you order only the highest-quality Colombian-produced coffee to get the best value for your money. 

  • Choosing Colombian Coffee by Growing Region

In Colombia, there are a few different growing regions from which coffee is sourced. Coffee that is grown in the mountains (high-grown) will usually be very flavorful. Coffee grown in valleys will often have a milder flavor with bright undertones. 

  • High-Grown Colombian Blends 

In the mountains of Colombia, coffee beans thrive in lush, shady conditions. The Colombian Andes mountain ranges are often shrouded in mist, blocking out strong UV rays. As such, coffee plants grow slowly. Since the coffee takes longer to mature, the flavor nuances are more developed. 

  • Soil Type and Climate Conditions

Soil and climate are other important factors to consider. As with fine wine, coffee-growing conditions matter. Rich soils and rainy seasons produce different flavors than dryer seasons or soils that are over-farmed. For the best coffee, choose a small-batch producer with single-origin-only beans. This helps to ensure that the coffee was tended with care, and thus, will not be mass-produced or stripped of nutrients due to poor soil conditions.


Now, here are two of the best types of Colombian Coffee. 


1. Pure Single-Origin Supremo La Valle Verde Colombian Coffee

One of the best coffees available from Colombia is cultivated in the Supremo la Valle Verde region. This high-quality Colombian La Valle Verde coffee uses only the finest Supremo 'La Valle Verde coffee beans. Supremo 'La Valle beans are larger than many other types of Arabica coffee beans and provide a distinctive flavor that's naturally sweet. 

Grown in the rich and fertile soil of the Central Valley of Colombia, these Supremo 'la Valle Arabica beans are then gently wet-processed. As such, they have a smooth and balanced body, and flavor, and are approved by the Colombian coffee federation. With delicate citrus notes, balanced brightness, and creamy consistency, this is a wonderful coffee to enjoy every day.

What is the Colombian Coffee Federation? 

For three-quarters of a century, the Colombian Coffee Federation (CCF) has been carefully monitoring the cultivation of some of the most delicious coffee beans in the entire world! By supporting over half a million locally-based Colombian coffee farmers, various rich Colombian coffee bean blends are competitively produced each year. This leads to an array of Colombian coffees with distinctive flavors and superior quality! 


2. High-Grown Mesa de Los Santos Coffee from Colombia 

The name Mesa de Los Santos refers to the Los Santo region of Colombia. The history of this region stretches back to the early 19th century. The Mesa de Los Santos region of Colombia is the ideal growing region for rich and flavorful coffee beans! This geographical area is located to the west of the Santander massif and to the northwest Arcabuco mountain range and to the north of the Mesa de Los Santos region is the Arcabuco plateau of the Mesa de Los Santos mountains. At a height of 1,602 meters, this is a perfect high-grown cultivation area for lush coffee trees! 

High-grown Mesa de Los Santos coffee is naturally loaded with flavor and provides a smooth brew with a silky mouthfeel. Light and crisp with a clean finish and no bitter aftertaste, you'll enjoy every sip of this delicious organic coffee. These organic high-grown beans have been directly nourished by nature. Plus, this Colombia Mesa de Los Santos coffee is one of our smoothest brews! It is also one of the most popular coffees that we offer. 

So, if you have been searching for an incredibly smooth and flavorful organic Colombian coffee with a bright and clean taste, freshly roasted Colombia region Mesa de Los Santos coffee beans might just be a perfect choice! We sell these beans right here at One Great Coffee

 Coffee plantation in the misty forest, coffee plant and raw coffee beans

Final Thoughts and Considerations

So now you know why coffee from the country of Colombia is so popular! Grown with care in idealistic conditions, you can expect smooth flavors and complex nuances from these delicious coffee beans. For the best coffee from this country, choose a pure Arabica producer that is organic or CCF certified.

As always, thank you for reading and we hope this information helps you perfect your daily grind! Feel free to comment below and tell us whether you prefer high-grown or valley organic coffee from Colombia. We'd love to hear your thoughts! 



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