Coffee Tumbler Buyer's Guide: Stanley Cup Comparisons & More!

What is a Stanley Cup, Are They Worth the Price, and How Can You Make the Best Ice Coffee For Yours?

Tumbler-style cups are handy, durable, travel-friendly, and perfect for busy teens or adults. “Tumblers” occupy a space between water bottles and travel mugs. These unique thermal beverage vessels can be used for water, coffee, soda, hot tea, and anything else you want to carry around and sip on throughout your day. 

Recently, viral ‘Stanley Cup’ brand tumbler mugs (and memes) have been making waves on social media outlets like Instagram and TikTok. So is the Stanley Cup actually that good, and which tumblers are best for coffee, anyway? On that note, are there any amazing coffee recipes specifically for tumbler cups?

In this guide, we will cover it all! That way, you can find the perfect travel tumbler for yourself (or your teenager) and fill it with delicious coffee or tea drinks to keep you energized and hydrated on the go!


What is a Stanley Cup Tumbler? 

Stanley Cup tumblers are large stainless steel travel mugs from a specific brand that can hold beverages and stand up to lots of wear and tear. The name is a double entendre that parodies the Stanley Cup, which is a large trophy given in NHL hockey tournaments. 

Is the Stanley Cup really that good?

So first of all, what makes the Stanley Cup such a popular option among travel-friendly tumblers? Many reviewers say that they love the durability and design of the stainless steel Stanley Cup. This mug can stand up to all sorts of wear and tear and perfectly fits into the drink holders of most vehicles. Plus, these cups come in a wide range of colors and boast a popular name brand. However, it DOES tend to tip over more easily than some travel mugs, especially if you are in situations where you need to regularly set it on the floor.

Overall, if you want a high-end, name-brand tumbler cup, with exceptional durability, a large capacity, and materials that help your drinks maintain their temperature throughout the day, Stanley Cups are a good option. 

In summary: 

Stanley Cups are popular because they fit into the cup holders of most vehicles, contain a large liquid volume, implement durable materials, keep drinks at a steady temperature, and have stylish branding. 

Why is the Stanley Cup going viral? 

Some people are confused about the recent Stanley Cup memes and TikTok videos. Why is this tumbler/cup so popular in 2024, and what are all the Stanley Cup memes about, anyway? 

Tumbler Stanley Cup Memes Explained

Basically, the Stanley Cup memes represent a precise point in meme culture due to brand popularity and pricing. Many people do not understand why someone would spend $40+ on a cup, especially in tough economic times. On the other hand, many Stanley Cup users feel that this tumbler is well worth the cost, and actually saves you money and keeps you hydrated without having to frequent Starbucks every afternoon. It's all a matter of personal preference and opinion. 

Still, others speculate that the Stanley Cup jokes, videos, and memes are some kind of a viral social media marketing ploy. Another theory is that Stanley Cup tumblers are so popular that memes about them hit home with a larger audience. 

Either way, if you feel left out or don't get the Stanley Cup jokes, you shouldn’t feel bad, and you aren’t alone. This is just another one of those silly viral internet humor things! 

What is the Best Tumbler Cup of 2024: The Stanley Cup or the Hydro Flask?

There are lots of Stanley Cup comparisons on the internet with long, in-depth reviews. However, to help you find the best tumbler cup of 2024, we will simply cut to the chase. 

STANLEY CUP VS HYDRO FLASK: Top Three Tumbler Cups of 2024: 

  • Stanley Cup 

If you want a popular name-brand cup that holds a lot of liquid and easily fits into your cup holder, the Stanley Cup quencher tumbler mug is a fantastic option. Plus, it has a handle. 

  • Hydro Flask 

What if you want a cup that doesn’t have a handle? Well, if you want an incredibly durable all-around drink cup/flask that holds plenty of liquid (20 oz) and can easily stand up to lots of wear and tear (without a handle), the Hydro Flask is a great option.

  • Yeti Rambler 

Finally, if you want a stylish cup that comes in many different designs and easily keeps your beverages at a consistent temperature for hours on end, the Yeti Rambler Tumbler Cup is a good choice. 

Best Tumbler Coffee Recipe: White Chocolate Iced Latte (Tumbler-Friendly)

Do you love drinking iced coffee in your tumbler-style mug? If so, you are going to adore this iced coffee tumbler recipe. It takes less than 10 minutes to make and we'll keep you satisfied and energized all day long! This recipe is perfect for a 20 oz tumbler cup. For a 24 oz tumbler, simply add an extra shot of espresso, a little more milk, and an extra scoop of Ghirardelli white chocolate flavored powder. 



This recipe is incredibly easy to make and takes less than 5 minutes, depending on whether you use strong coffee or espresso shots. 

  1. First, brew about a cup of extra-strong coffee, or 3 shots of espresso (approx. 6-8 oz). 
  2. Pour your coffee into the bottom of your tumbler. 
  3. Now, add two heaping scoops of Ghirardelli white chocolate-flavored powder to the warm coffee/espresso, and stir well. 
  4. Next, add one or two large scoops of ice. (At this point, your tumbler cup should be about halfway full.) 
  5. Finally, fill your tumbler up the rest of the way with milk and stir everything together with a spoon or your straw. 
  6. Top if desired with caramel, whipped cream, white chocolate syrup, or your preferred add-ons, and enjoy! 


Tips and Notes:

You can change these recipes to suit your taste, but the main Tumbler iced coffee ingredients should be milk, coffee, ice, and flavoring. Strong coffee or tea is a must, as it gives your iced drink a good kick of flavor and caffeine. Other great flavors to try in iced coffee are chai tea, vanilla, caramel, and chocolate. 

The Best Tumbler of 2024: Final Thoughts

All in all, the Stanley Cup tumbler has become a viral trend in 2024. This name-brand tumbler is handy because it is durable, contains plenty of liquid, has a handle, keeps things at the right temperature, and fits into a cup holder. If you don't like Stanley Cups, the Hydro Flask and Yeti Rambler are other popular options. However, if you want the best durable tumbler with a handle, a Stanley Cup is a good choice to consider. 

In your tumbler cup, it's easy to make craft iced coffee at home to enjoy all day long! To browse an incredible selection of deliciously flavored coffees sold online, we recommend checking out this top-rated coffee retailer ( with excellent reviews and plenty of mouth-watering fresh-roasted flavored coffee choices. 

With over 140 different flavored coffees to choose from, at One Great Coffee online, there is something for every coffee lover to fill their Yeti Rambler, Hydro Flask, or Stanley Cup with. 

**This blog is NOT sponsored by any of the previously named tumbler brands or companies. 

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