Are you Spending Money Saved for the Coffee Can?

We understand that life is busy at One Great Coffee, and you do not want to have to deal with another rewards program to find the best price possible. We understand and feel the same way. Having a rewards program allows us to offer our best customers prices to love as much as our coffee.

 One Great Coffee will never be the cheapest online roaster; it's simply impossible for us to be the cheapest. The reason for this is that we only use Specialty Grade One Coffee Beans in all our coffees, including our flavored coffees. We do not accept any coffee beans that rate any lower than a grade one coffee bean. Another reason we will never be the cheapest, we roast all orders when you place your order. The only way you would be able to enjoy a fresher cup of coffee would be to roast the beans yourself.

Our customers are essential to us, and we wanted to give something back to them for their loyalty. Our loyalty program is still in its infancy stage; we constantly tweak it; we always try to have a reward of interest for everyone. Each month or so, we offer a new reward to complement the five rewards we offer all the time. We deposit 100 "Brew Bucks" into your account at sign-up, and you have access to use the "Brew Bucks" on your very 1st order. Currently, 100 Brew Bucks will take $5 off your 1st order, plus you earn "Brew Bucks" on every order!

Here are a few highlights of the program:

*100 Brew Bucks deposited into your account for use on 1st order

*Several ways to earn Brew Bucks without having to make a purchase

*Brew Bucks do not expire

*Referral rewards when you refer a friend

*Ability to grab rewards and use them later! (Even when we take them down)

* You are reminded to use your points if you qualify for a reward.

*Members receive periodic emails for private sales

These are just a few of the highlights of our free rewards program. There other rewards in the works, we hope you will consider joining. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns,



"Loyalty rewards are handled as coupons; Only one coupon can be used per transaction"

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