3 Best Bourbon Flavored Coffees

For coffee lovers who hate to choose between drinking at night and drinking during the day, their prayers have been answered. Bourbon Flavored Coffee is the latest trend in specialty coffee and comes from both major liquor brands and small batch roasters.

Look no further for coffee inspiration, whether you're planning a weekend brunch at home or after dinner with the company. If you like the taste of spiked coffee, you will love bourbon flavored coffee.

There are a few ways to get that warm flavor in beans, ranging from infusion to barrel aging and old-fashioned, artificial flavor. While these coffees do not contain alcohol, you will surely smell like you hit the bottle before breakfast. So drink with caution. 

Bourbon and Coffee

Until recently, bourbon and coffee simply meant a drink poured into your Java. Today, with the popularity of whiskey, coffeemakers are creating bourbon-flavored, barrel-aged coffees.

Like flavored whiskey, flavor houses have designed bourbon flavors that contain no real bourbon. You'll find bourbon-flavored coffee alongside hazelnut and whipped cream flavors.

But for the coffee purist, better bourbon flavors are obtained from the barrel. The debate over the taste of coffee is as intense as that of whiskey. Many people think that coffee tastes, but it is not. The coffee maker uses the keg. 

Here are 3 Bourbon Flavored Coffees you can try when you are wishing a coffee as well as whiskey. 

Jim Beam - Bourbon Vanilla

Jim Beam just launched his new line of bourbon flavored coffees in May. Arabica beans have an artificial flavor and coffee is alcohol-free, but has a distinctive bourbon flavor. As it was made with a Chemex, it produced a strong, pungent aroma that suggested bourbon and vanilla for baking. The flavors are smooth and well integrated. 

Bourbon Vanilla makes a sugary sweet cappuccino (with whole milk) that doesn't really need added sugar. It has a caramel and vanilla flavor that is even and would make a good brown dessert.

Café Fire Department - Bourbon Infusion

If you're looking for a strong bourbon flavor, this is the one. Bold, dark, and full-bodied, this is the most innovative sample of many samples. This new small batch toaster was recently founded by firefighters in Illinois. The beans are handcrafted with obvious attention to detail. Each bag comes with a batch stamp, and the beans taste freshly roasted.

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Coffee

This Bourbon Flavored Coffee smells amazing in the bag with its blend of vanilla, caramel, and brown sugar aroma. As it brews, the pleasant aroma transforms into something reminiscent of chocolate covered cherries (at least, for me). The flavor of the whiskey is subtle and yields to the flavor of the coffee bean. Makes a bold cup of coffee without a heavy mouthfeel.

The beans are described as "Artificially flavored" with Tennessee Jack Jack's Whiskey, and the coffee is produced in association with World of Coffee. Unlike small batch samples, this coffee, like Jim Beam coffees, comes pre-ground, meaning it will be less fresh.


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