3 Best Bourbon Flavored Coffees

3 Best Bourbon Flavored Coffees: Your Complete Bourbon Coffee Guide

Have you ever wondered what the most delicious bourbon for coffee is? Does bourbon go with coffee beans? Who sells the tastiest bourbon-infused coffee, anyway? In this guide, we'll cover it all! Let's get to it. 


What to Look for in the Best Bourbon Coffee? 


• Small Batch Roaster

• Fresh Roasted With Care

• Infused with Premium Flavors

• Grade A Specialty Arabica Coffee Beans

• Fresh Ground or Custom Grind Options


Our Bourbon Whiskey Flavored Coffee has all of this and more. We also sell Bourbon Truffle Coffee!


For the best bourbon-infused coffee, we recommend finding a small coffee roaster that prepares all orders the same day. Many coffee services offer same-day roasting and shipping. One Great Coffee, for instance, does just this.

Moreover, you will want to look for a retailer of premium, Grade A Arabica Coffee. Arabica coffee is naturally smooth and sweet, with the ideal balance of intense flavors when paired with bourbon. This creates a rich, bold flavor. Once again, One Great Coffee is perfect for those seeking pure Arabica coffee.

While Robusta coffees emphasize the bitter notes of the beans, Arabica beans tend to go best with this signature spirit. Not to mention, the natural sugars in Arabica coffee are emphasized without any extra calories.

So, if you want to save yourself time and try one of the absolute best, high-grade, fresh roasted, bourbon coffees, just follow this link for bourbon coffee excellence. 


Why Try Bourbon Coffee?

For coffee lovers who hate to choose between drinking at night and drinking during the day, their prayers have been answered. Bourbon Flavored Coffee is the latest trend in specialty coffee and comes from both major liquor brands and small-batch roasters.

Look no further for coffee inspiration, whether you're planning a weekend brunch at home or after dinner with the company. If you like the taste of spiked coffee, you will love bourbon-flavored coffee.

There are a few ways to get that warm flavor in beans, ranging from infusion to barrel aging and old-fashioned, artificial flavor. While these coffees do not contain alcohol, you will surely smell those deep, sweet, liquor notes in the beans. 


About Bourbon and Coffee

Until recently, bourbon and coffee simply meant a drink poured into your Java. Today, with the popularity of whiskey, coffeemakers are creating bourbon-flavored, barrel-aged coffees.

Like flavored whiskey, flavor houses have designed bourbon flavors that contain no real bourbon. You'll find bourbon-flavored coffee alongside hazelnut and whipped cream flavors.


#1 Top Bourbon Coffee Option:

One Great Coffee: Bourbon Whisky Custom Ground Fresh-Roasted Small-Batch Coffee

Our coffee company uses a signature infusion process to get the sweet taste of barrel-aged bourbon deeply into the beans. Plus, our small-batch roasters offer custom grind levels (choose from Whole, French Press, or Ground bourbon coffee), same-day roasting, and fast shipping. 

Our Bourbon Whiskey Coffee has notes of cream, aged bourbon, vanilla, and caramelized sugar. All this without the calories or alcohol. And the aroma? Simply divine! Order it today!


Here are another 3 Bourbon Flavored Coffees you can try when you are wishing a coffee as well as whiskey. We recommend buying our small-batch artesian bourbon coffee and comparing it to the big guys! You will love how we have reduced the bitter notes while enhancing the sweet, smooth, decadent Arabica bean bourbon flavors.


Café Fire Department - Bourbon Infusion

If you're looking for strong bourbon notes, this one is pretty good. Bold, dark, and full-bodied, this company was founded by firefighters in Illinois.

Jim Beam - Bourbon Vanilla

Jim Beam just launched a new line of bourbon-flavored coffees recently. As it was made with a Chemex, it produced a strong, pungent aroma that suggested bourbon and vanilla for baking. Still, this is a popular option if you like mainstream coffees.

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Coffee

Thanks to bulk commercial roasting, this coffee can be inconsistent. In fact, the beans are described as "Artificially flavored" with Tennessee Jack's Whiskey. The coffee is produced in association with World of Coffee. Unlike small-batch samples, it comes pre-ground, meaning it will be less fresh. Still, we like Jack Daniels, so it's cool to try coffee flavored with hints of Jack.

That's a Wrap!

So now you know! All in all, we highly recommend trying our Bourbon Whiskey Coffee first. Then, you can compare it to the top commercial options. You are sure to see why we are superior! Although we're one of the little guys, if you really want intense bourbon flavor and fine artisan Arabica coffee, look no further than our vast gourmet flavored coffee selection

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