Hawaii Kona Volcanic Estate Single Serve, 12PK

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Hawaii Kona Volcanic Estate Single-Serve Pods

Medium-Roast Hawaii Kona Coffee Grown In Volcanic Loam Soil Freshly Roasted and Ground in Single Serve Pods



• Highest Kona Grade coffee from the ideal weather of Hawaii 

• Hawaii Kona beans are smooth and rich with a buttery body and low acidity

• Enjoy the delicious aroma that only pure Hawaiian Kona coffee can offer 

• Hawaii's coffee trees flourish in an ideal growing environment

• Works with most K-cup coffee brewers including Keurig 2.0 machines

• A smooth delicately exotic cup of coffee with sweet undertones from every pod


Pure High-Grown Hawaiian Coffee Smooth in Body and Full of Flavor

Smooth in body, Kona 'Volcanic Estate' has a light acidity that is complemented by slight chocolate and fruit undertones. We medium roast the Kona coffee beans to brew into a medium-bodied cup that is both vibrant and flavorful. As the only state in the US to grow coffee trees, Hawaii proves itself worthy of the world's finest coffee sector. Hawaiian Kona is a high-grown, classic gourmet coffee that is medium roasted to brew a full-bodied coffee that is slightly acidic with sweet overtones. Mauna Loa, the volcano in the western district of the island, creates excellent growing conditions for coffee trees. The slopes produce coffee beans that are known for being full-flavored and well-balanced. This Kona 'Volcanic Estate' coffee is grown on these slopes between 800 and 2,500 feet in the rich volcanic soils. Kona produces the highest yield of any other Arabica varietal in the world at 2,000lbs per acre. This is quite impressive compared to other trees that typically average 500-800lbs per acre. With the perfect mixture of sunlight, shade, rain, and humidity, this high-grown Arabica produces exceptional coffee.


 A Range of Premium Fresh-Roasted Gourmet Single-Serve Pods to Choose From

Nothing compares to fresh coffee from new locations around the world! At One Great Coffee, we sell a wonderful variety of gourmet single-origin brews! In fact, we have one of the widest online gourmet coffee shop selections around! With superior customer service and a range of flavors to choose from, we're sure that you can find the perfect gourmet coffee or flavored brew for you! Our selection of premium gourmet coffees is vast. Single-serve pod options include Colombia Supremo La Valle Verde Coffee, Burundi AA Coffee, Panama Bouquet Coffee, and more! Or, you can browse through over 130 flavored brews! Our new line of Single Serve coffees can be used in any Keurig coffee maker or K-cup-friendly brewing machine. Imagine, your favorite One Great Coffee's single-serve coffees freshly roasted to order and packed in convenient single-serve coffee pods! Just like all our coffee, we roast and grind your coffees and fill the single-serve pods the same day we ship them so you are guaranteed to have the freshest coffee possible. So, you can taste every delectable gourmet note effortlessly with minimal prep time! 


Savor This Pure Kona Coffee Grown in Hawaii on Premium Estate Island Coffee Trees Nourished by Volcanic Loam Soil!

Customer Reviews

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Phil Ruggiero
Not what I remember

I remember having Kona coffee in Hawaii in the 70's . I was hoping I could get that special taste again. I was wrong. This coffee was ok but not worth 2X the price of other K cups.

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