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*Earn One Reward on Each $1.00 Spent

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*Earn 250 Rewards on Your Birthday
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$1.00 off Next Order | 50 Rewards
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Rewards Program FAQ

How Does Your Coffee Beans Rewards Program Work?

Simply create an account and you will receive 100 Rewards for Free! You can easily earn free coffee beans by simply following us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! We will even send you free coffee beans on your birthday! After joining our loyalty program, you will earn 1  Reward on Each Dollar Spent.

How many coffee beans rewards do I need to receive my 1st discount or reward?
50!   (remember you will receive 100 Rewards just for signing up)

Is your rewards program hard to understand?
We don't think so, but please contact us if you have any questions or concerns

Is your rewards program of value? 
Only if you enjoy drinking super fresh, great coffee and want it at a great price.

Why the rewards program instead of lowering prices?
*Our pricing is very much in line with all the rest of those who sell coffee online and do not offer a loyalty program. Simply put we are selfish and want you to be our customer for life. The rewards program is our way of repaying our gratitude to our customers.

 How many ways is there to redeem my rewards?
*8, with more brewing!

 Do my rewards expire?

I want to tell my friends about One Great Coffee's rewards referral program?
*Absolutely! Once you are signed up, you will be assigned a referral code link to either email and or post on social media to family and friends. Once signed up and your referral make their 1st purchase, we will put 500 Brew Bucks ($5 value) in your account and they will receive $3.00 off their 1st order on Us! 

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