Organic Bali Blue Moon Coffee-Only The Best Blue Moon Coffee

Organic Bali Blue Moon Coffee

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Organic Bali Blue Moon Coffee

Organically Grown Bali Blue Moon Coffee Beans 


• Shade-grown Bali blue moon Arabica beans

• Hints of dark chocolate and sweet vanilla 

• Grown on a large volcanic plateau

• Makes superior espresso 

• Grown on small farms by local farmers

• Choose from 8oz or 16oz bag sizes

• Available in many grinds 

Indulge in Bali Blue Moon Organic Coffee Excellence 

Once in a blue moon, you find a coffee bean variant so delightfully complex and unique that you'll crave it again and again! Let us introduce you to Bali Blue Moon Organic Coffee. One Great Coffee's authentic Organic Bali Blue Moon brew features premium shade-grown, wet-processed coffee beans of the highest exotic quality. This is easily one of the best medium-dark roasted organic coffees available! As some of the best coffee beans in Bali, this Organic Bali Blue Moon brew comes from the Kintamani Highlands. In flavor, this coffee is delightfully complex with natural floral and citrus notes, chocolate hints, vanilla undertones, and an exotic smooth profile like nothing you've ever tasted!

Complex and Delightful Bali Blue Moon Organic Coffee Bean flavors

Bali Blue Moon organic coffee is a well-known secret among home roasters. These coffee beans are known for being smooth and somewhat syrupy with a velvety mouthfeel and floral nuances. Some describe Bali Blue Moon Organic Coffee as having hints of anise and delicate spice notes which enhance the delicate chocolate and vanilla bean flavors. This leads to unforgettable complexity in every cup! Since these coffee beans are 100% shade-grown, you may also detect hints of citrus or floral orange blossom.

Ethical Bali Blue Moon Organic Coffee Grown On A Large Volcanic Plateau

Not only is this coffee delicious, but its cultivation process is environmentally friendly as well! From one of the most excellent coffee-growing regions in all of Bali, these beans are cultivated on a large volcanic plateau. Since Bali farmers are not permitted to use pesticides on their bean crops, and all fertilizers on the island are 100% organic, you can be sure that this delicious dark gourmet coffee is free from harmful chemicals.

Rich Volcanic Soil Naturally Enhances Coffee Bean Flavors 

After a devastating volcanic eruption in 1963 destroyed the surrounding coffee bean crops, the Indonesian government provided small farmers with new bean seedlings to replant in their fields. With a smooth body, strong chocolate tones, and hints of syrup and vanilla, we're all glad that they were able to restore this unique and outstanding brew!

Bali Blue Moon Organic Coffee Comes from Rainforest Alliance Partners

Bali Blue Moon Organic Coffee is made up of pure Arabica beans that are grown with true environmental integrity. In fact, these Bali Blue Moon Organic coffee beans are cultivated with the assistance of the Rainforest Alliance. As Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee Beans, you can indulge in the smooth body, chocolate tones, and bright vanilla flavors of Bali Blue Moon Organic Coffee knowing that each brew supports the conservation of our valuable rainforests.

Order Genuine Bali Blue Moon Organic Coffee Now

This Bali Blue Moon Organic Coffee is a delightful treat! Not only do we sell these genuine certified Bali Blue Moon organic coffee beans right here, but we offer them in a range of grind styles. Choose from either ground, French Press, whole bean, or espresso grinds! We also have 8oz and 16oz bag sizes. When you order your Bali Blue Moon Organic Coffee, we roast it right away and package it in a vacuum-sealed valve bag to ensure freshness and excellence. 

Try Bali Blue Moon Organic Coffee Today and Experience The Exotic Excellence For Yourself! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Noah Swift
Best Damn Coffee Out There

I went to Haiti in 2016 on a mission trip and fell in love with coffee for the first time. To my surprise when I returned to the states, no coffee could even come close to what I experienced in Haiti. I was so excited to learn I could order from Haiti and won't be ordering any other beans but these!

Thank you so much Noah for your review of our Organic Haitian Blue Mountain Direct Trade Coffee! It has made our Day/Week!

Eric Ellis
Pleasantly Surprised

Every so often I take a taste gamble: Organic Haitian Blue Mountain Direct Trade Coffee paid off well. It is a mild yet rich and smooth coffee. It has been pleasant through an Aeropress and a moka pot. It is very much the equal (yet different) of the Jamaican High Mtn. I have had in recent years. I will be drinking more of this in the future and trying more of the coffees offered here.

Thank you so much for the great review for our Organic Haitian Blue Mountain Direct Trade Coffee! Mike, One Great Coffee

Karen Matthews
Morning Bliss Afternoon Pick up

Organic Finka Santa Maria Coffee is a pleasant start to the day. For me its a comfort to be able to consume organic free trade coffee. This coffee is a Medium strength flavourful easy to drink.

Joseph Becker
Smooth Coffee

I grind my coffee every morning I tried the Organic Gold Coffee this week it was amazing it also had a smooth hint or taste of pecan I think it was.. loved it

Emily Fordham

Organic Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Coffee

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